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They denounce the Ibarola brothers' desire to return

They denounce the Ibarola brothers’ desire to return

From the hand of new nominees for Dean and Vice Dean of UNA’s Faculty of Medical Sciences, brothers Jaime and Ernesto Ibarola envision their return to the House of Studies, Hospital de Clinicas reports.

They maintain that both are close to Dr. Osmar Manuel Cuenca, the dean’s nominee to replace Dr. Laurentino Barrios. The brigadier general decided not to run for Rikoto.

Elections on Friday 20 in San Lorenzo. Ibarola are the leaders of the famous university squad led by former Dean Froilan Peralta, which fell with the #UnaNoTeCalles movement.

The eternal summary of alleged irregularities in medicine weighs on the relatives of physicians, with allegations that they handled things at will, distributing hours of teaching and heads to those to whom they pledged allegiance. So far, each of them earns more than 34 million EGP per month, even though they do not do any job.

“In addition to the danger of Ibarola returning to charge, whether in the shadows or not, there is also the underlying fact that the old Clak will once again occupy the beloved Faculty of Medical Sciences with these candidates,” notes one of the sources consulted who preferred to remain anonymous. For fear of retaliation.

Cuenca also has the open support of Vice President and potential presidential candidate for Colorado Anitet, Hugo Velazquez. The deputy appears on every invitation he receives from Candidate Team #1.

In his government plan, he promises to give continuity to what Laurentino Barrios did. The current dean also supports his candidacy.

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In medicine, they assume that the next dean will be Dr. Cuenca, since he will have all the votes to fill the position, including the votes of student representatives before the Board of Directors.

disclaimer Dr. Osmar Cuenca confirmed in an interview with this medium that he does not personally know the former university president Froilán Peralta, nor does he know Dr. Jaime Ibarola or his brother.

“I agreed with Ibarola on the council, but it was an elective position, and I have no sort of deal with it,” he claimed.

Regarding Ernesto, he said he only knew that he was an advisor to former brigadier general Aníbal Pires.

“At the time of UnaNoTeCalles I was a consultant, I did not have any management position being personally appointed by anyone,” he said.

Regarding the campaign, Cuenca commented that it was a lie that he was within the votes or that he was allied with any institution. “My candidacy is acceptable at all levels, as we toured the campaign,” he admitted.

The second candidate. Dr. Ramon Battaglia is the other doctor trying to be dean against Cuenca. It was part of the same old dress, always according to the complaints. He was even appointed to a leadership position to replace his father, Dr. Vicente Battaglia, during the Fruelan administration. In 2018, Parlasurian Nito Bogado Tatter accused parliamentarians of wanting to honor Vicente Bataglia whom he called a “pyrague” of Clinicas during the stronismo.

They really wanted to come back in 2020
Ibarrolas, Jaime and Ernesto sent an emotional note to the College of Medical Sciences a little over a year ago, serving as doctors before the Covid-19 pandemic arrived.
The brothers’ idea was to return to the clinics on the pretext of helping with the number of cases presented. Both are from the specialty of traumatology, so there was criticism at the time about the contribution they could make in this context.
“We understand that the special situation that affects us cannot be above the general welfare of the people and especially the people who actually go to the Hospital de Clinicas in search of a prompt and efficient service,” they noted in the letter sent to the Dean.
After protests, the dean decided not to approve the request.

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