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Minciencias and Registraduría collaborate to boost the digital ecosystem - Science - Life

Minciencias and Registraduría collaborate to boost the digital ecosystem – Science – Life

Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Titus Cresenthe national registrar, Alexandre Vega, signed an interdepartmental agreement, through which the portfolio will support strengthening National Register with the formula,
Research and development of tools related to issues of Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and others.

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The agreement to strengthen the Colombian digital ecosystem was signed on Thursday, as part of the “Facing the Regions” tour led by the president. Evan Duque From Villavicencio (dead).

Minister Kressin stressed that this agreement stems from the recommendations made by the International Mission of the Wise 2019, which highlight the need to include the digital identity of citizens as a tool to improve the presentation of public and private services, and in this way achieve the digital transformation of the state.

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“According to the Mission of the Elders, digital identity is necessary to create conditions for innovation in the Colombian state, and therefore, in agreement with the National Registry, led by Alexandre Vega, we will support the formulation, research, development and implementation of technological solutions such as Big Data, the Internet of Things and Blockchain,” the Head of Ministries noted. , artificial intelligence, and others, which can be applied to their missionary operations.

The agreement was signed in Villavicencio (Meta), in the presence of President Ivan Duque.


Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

Both entities will conduct beta tests that will allow them to generate adaptability results with said technologies; Consolidation of studies and research projects; Explore with national and international universities forming development networks.

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The two parties hope that through this inter-enterprise agreement, they will continue to work on consolidating the knowledge society, which is preparing to participate actively in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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These activities, and all compliance with the agreement, will be carried out under the supervision of the Monitoring Committee, which will be composed of members from the Ministry of Science and the National Registry.

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*With information from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

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