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They choose the projects that will represent Tabasco at the National Science and Engineering Fair

They choose the projects that will represent Tabasco at the National Science and Engineering Fair

  • At the conclusion of the Tabaskina Science and Engineering Fair, the secondary school and higher education projects that will participate in the national event were announced.
  • CCYTET Director Gerardo Arevalo highlights that participation in the exhibition should be an incentive for students to move forward and further develop their projects.
  • The Secretary of Research, Postgraduate Studies and Connectivity at UJAT appreciates that the university hosts events to promote science and technology

During the conclusion of the Tabascina Science and Engineering Fair (FETACI) 2023, the six projects that will represent the state at the respective national fair to be held next year in the state of Aguascalientes were announced.

Three of the projects correspond to secondary school and the other three to higher education.

When congratulating all the participants of the fair, Director of the Council of Science and Technology of the State of Tabasco (CCYTET), Gerardo Arevalo Reyes, emphasized that whatever the outcome of the fair, it should be an incentive for the students to keep going. Go ahead and continue developing your projects.

“What you have experienced, the development of research and technology, is what you will do tomorrow. The competitive environment that you have experienced with your colleagues is what you will experience in real life as researchers,” he said at the Center for Research and Interconnection with Teaching (CIVE) of UJAT.

Accompanied by Wilfredo Miguel Contreras Sánchez, Secretary of Research, Graduate Studies and Communication of UJAT, Arevalo Reyes said that they are researchers who participate in scientific and technological activity and make this task a lifelong work, submitting proposals that are evaluated and developed at some point. .

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He also thanked the institutions participating during the exhibition, such as the Colegio de Bachilleres de Tabasco (Cobatab), which received the largest participation from students; And to the evaluators who have an important role; And to the internal and external advisors who supported the students at all times.

The state official indicated that the six qualified projects will go to the city of Aguascalientes to receive their award, according to their category and the location they occupy.

He noted that they would travel to this entity with all expenses covered by CCYTET itself.

The projects that received approval at the high school level and that will represent Tabasco next year in the city of Aguascalientes, are “Resilam, Resistance to Nature”, created by students from Tabasco High School (Cubatap) Campus 22, in the category of Environmental Sciences.
In addition, “La Guardiana Chontal IX BOLOM”, presented by students from the Kubatap 21 campus, in the category of Social Sciences, and the so-called “Biological Threads”, created by students from the same Kupatap 21 campus, but in the Engineering category.
At the highest level, the approved projects are “Reuse and Transformation of Styrofoam to Reduce Environmental Impact,” implemented by students from the Chontalba Technological Institute, in the Environmental Sciences category.

Likewise, “Evaluation of internalization mechanisms of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in cervical cancer cells”, created by guys from the Academic Department Jalpa de Méndez of UJAT, in the category Medicine and Health Sciences.

The other project is “Ultracapacitor Bank with Switch Array Implementation and Deep Cycle Battery”, implemented by students from the Higher Technological Institute of Comalcalco, in the Engineering category.

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The Secretary of Research, Graduate Studies and Communication at the University of Gezira confirmed that the university is pleased to attend this type of event, because there is always joy, perseverance and innovation among young people.

“For us, it is a pleasure for our university to be home to these important events for the development of science and technology in Tabasco,” he said.

He took the opportunity to invite the students participating in the exhibition to make this university their home next year or in the coming years, and for this to be the university they choose to pursue their higher education.

He stressed: “We are certain that the development of their scientific and technological ambitions will be achieved in university classrooms.”

Wilfredo Miguel Contreras Sánchez commented that one of the big challenges facing Tabasco is to increase scientific and technological activity at the high school and high school level, but especially at the high school level, and it is pleasing that the number of participants in the call has increased this year.

During the ceremony, medals and certificates of participation were distributed to students who presented 59 projects in the categories of environmental sciences, basic sciences, health sciences, social sciences, and epidemiology.

105 students participated in this course, accompanied by 33 internal advisors and 39 external advisors.

Thus, 13 medals and certificates for first, second and third places in various categories were awarded to secondary school students, and ten to higher education students in the country.