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El tipo de metabolismo que tengamos puede influir a la hora de conseguir unos músculos bien definidos

If your metabolism is sluggish, these are the exercises you should do

sure word Metabolism It pops up if you’ve had a conversation about diet or weight loss goals. People don’t always have the same metabolism: some have it faster and some have it slower.

Metabolism refers to the cellular chemical processes through which the body obtains the energy needed to perform all vital functions. A person with a fast metabolism is someone who is generally very thin and active and does not gain weight no matter how much they eat. On the other hand, people who do this process slowly tend to gain weight (they don’t have to be obese), and no matter how much diet they follow, it is difficult for them to lose weight.

To find out for sure which group of metabolism you belong to, it is advisable to go to a nutritionist. In case you want to follow a diet to lose weight, it will guide you to the most suitable foods for you.

If you are in the group with a slow metabolism, this means that it is difficult for you to lose fat, because it is these fats that make it difficult to speed up the metabolism. It’s like a fish that bites its tail. Your best option is to convert this fat into muscle, but the process that needs to be done is as follows:

– The main thing you should do is Reduce caloriesThat is, you should consume fewer calories than you burn. Dr. Holly Lofton in “Pop Sugar” recommends cutting around 250 calories a day at first, always aiming to reach 1,200 a day. Otherwise, we will feel tired and hunger will increase.

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If we reduce what we eat, we will lose fat from our body as a whole, not just from our stomach. In addition, we will also help speed up our metabolism.

Foods that contain healthy fats and proteins are slower to digest in the body, so we expend more energy in the process. Some examples of these foods are nuts, fatty fish, avocados, seeds, chicken, turkey…

Reducing calorie intake is the first step, but it must be combined mainly with Physical activity. If we do strength training, we will speed up the metabolism, so the muscles will begin to appear. Lofton’s recommendation is to start with cardio, but it should be combined with external exercises to reach the desired goal.

High-intensity interval training is a good option, as it helps you lose fat, especially visceral fat, which is found around the organs.

Dr. Lofton sums it up by saying, “Calorie deficiency and cardiovascular exercise will help you lose fat, but increasing muscle mass will be more effective.” Therefore, we should eat fewer calories and, at the same time, increase the sports we do, combine cardio and strength exercises to build muscle, speed up metabolism, and lose weight.