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Health emergency: Cuernavaca has advice from the Academy of Sciences

Health emergency: Cuernavaca has advice from the Academy of Sciences

In order to continue to develop public policies that improve the performance of municipal administration for the benefit of the population, Cuernavaca City Council On Friday, I signed a cooperation agreement with Academy of Sciences of Morelos (ACMor)through which to formalize the work and the totality of activities developed since the beginning of the year between the two institutions that will guide the city.

At the mayor’s press conference, Jose Luis Oriostegui Salgadorecognizing the great honor and privilege of being able to celebrate this agreement that will give depth to the issues on which they will cooperate, not only in municipal decision-making regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, but also in various aspects affecting public health, such as pollution in valleys, wastewater treatment health, among other things.

in this meaning, Jose Luis Oriostegui He noted that the current administration has been characterized by trying to combine the greatest involvement with entities dedicated to education in order to transform those who work in the public service, but above all with the ultimate goal that the knowledge gained improves job performance. of the regions for the benefit of the community, using this alliance with ACMor as an example, with whom they have worked side by side since day one of this administration through the Municipal Committee for Health Emergencies (CMES).

“At the moment there are three members of the Academy on our committee to improve the prevention of the spread of Covid-19, but, just like them, there will be others involved in more areas and we will open them up for research, experimentation, everything that can be improved. The city of Cuernavaca needs expert knowledge. Fortunately we found an echo in you for finding practical solutions,” he said.

When proposing some expected scenarios in the cooperation mechanism, the Cuernavaca Minister of Human Development and Social Participation said, Laura Hernandez Cruzhighlighted that it will allow the implementation, development and promotion of programs that allow to achieve maximum development in training and specialization of human resources, technical advice, publications, development of science and technology, and dissemination of knowledge in all those areas of coincidence of its institutional purposes and interests, through planning, programming and implementation Procedures for cooperation, exchange and mutual support between institutions.

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He emphasized that this had already been achieved through technical advice at CMES, together with technical guidance for publication and language management so that the population could access information, while the municipal government had access thanks to institutions, such as Morelos Academy of Scienceswhich represents a much broader scope of cooperation where technology is put at the service of the person and the families of Cuernavaca.

It is worth noting that the file Morelos Academy of Sciences (ACMor) emerged in 1993 as one of the first scientific institutions in the country and currently has more than 130 members representing the interests of more than two thousand recognized researchers locally and internationally, and human capital of great importance in responding to health emergencies, such as the one we live in today.

Finally, the President of ACMor, Alejandro Sanchez Flores, thanked and celebrated with enthusiasm the municipality, expressing confidence that they will be able to influence and cooperate in other situations that require scientific expertise and that can benefit the public.

The researcher at the UNAM Institute of Biotechnology also emphasized that they are open to working with different levels of government, because one of ACMor’s missions is to propose and promote solutions to problems that arise in the region.

The agreement was signed with the participation of the trustee of the municipality, Veronica Atenco Pérez; City Council Secretary, Carlos de la Rosa Segura, and Assistant Director-General for Education and Health of Cuernavaca, José Larios Morales.