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These two new ChatGPT features are about to change everything

These two new ChatGPT features are about to change everything

Subscribers to ChatGPT Plus They will soon get a much more powerful version of OpenAI’s large language model, allowing it to access plugins and the Internet. This will greatly expand the capabilities and usefulness of the world’s most popular chatbots.

OpenAI shared the news via a tweet linked to the latest ChatGPT release notes. Web browsing and plugin access will start as an optional experimental feature that can be enabled in settings.

The beta panel started rolling out along with the new ChatGPT features last Friday. If you’re a ChatGPT Plus subscriber but don’t see a demo panel in Settings, you still can’t access navigation or plugins.

Some Early Access users were able to test ChatGPT plug-ins on a limited basis at the end of March. Since then, the number of available plugins has grown exponentially from 11 to more than 70.

Plug-ins provide access to various websites and services, allowing ChatGPT to perform more complex tasks and access specialized databases. Examples include checking the weather, booking a flight, finding deals, and searching for recipes. The web browsing feature allows ChatGPT to fetch current information, similar to how it works Bangshat And cool google.

application for The Day of the YouTube channel gives a good overview of what ChatGPT plugins look like and how they work.

ChatGPT Extensions and Web Browsing – Everything you need to know

Once you enable plugins, ChatGPT knows when to use them, so you only need to name a service specifically if you have more than one that can help you with the same task. The real power comes in the set of multiple plugins, with ChatGPT formatting for everything.

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ChatGPT plug-ins allow you to do more than just write messages; It can perform tasks, a bit like AutoGPT but without the hassle. ChatGPT will also be able to read everything online and access specialized knowledge bases that are not indexed and searchable without visiting a specific website.

Plug-ins and Internet access will change everything and greatly expand the way people use ChatGPT.

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