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These are the six most dangerous foods to health, according to science

These are the six most dangerous foods to health, according to science

Andn recent years, movement Royal food It has settled in the majority of Spanish youth and adults, who have become interested in this important part of human life. A way to see what foods we put in our mouths, where they come from and which ones are best. However, there are also these bad foods They are the 6th most dangerous to health, according to science.

to adopt Healthy food It is essential to have consistency and extend it over time until it becomes a routine and habit. It also means reducing and sometimes excluding foods from our diet Disease prevention.

Because yes, there are foods that cause disease. They are not the main reason, but I know that increase the risk of suffering from it. And it’s not just diseases, but it’s related to obesity, diabetes or heart disease.

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The six most dangerous foods for health

In the first place will be gtoilets and other sugary drinks. If a person consumes these types of drinks daily, the main and urgent action would be to reduce their intake gradually until they are eliminated. The ideal would be not to consume this type of carbonated and sugary drink or, when appropriate, to reduce it to a minimum.

After that, there will be Unsaturated fats. This type of fat is formed during the hydrogenation process of vegetable oils. Some examples of these foods are margarine, pretzels, hamburgers, potato chips, and more. There is, too Refined and added sugarcausing diseases such as obesity and present in ingredients such as corn, barley, maple syrup, fructose syrup, etc.

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the Saturated fat Is one such food followed by monosodium glutamate, also known as the fifth taste or “umami”. The sixth is food fish that contain high levels of mercury, Such as shark, tuna and swordfish.