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We proudly celebrate the 50th promotion of our Master of Education degree!

We proudly celebrate the 50th promotion of our Master of Education degree!

With great joy on the 21st of January our Faculty of Education Sciences celebrated the 50th promotion of the Master of Education in Research Method and likewise warmly welcomed the new generation who started their academic activities in our House of Studies.

The Master of Education degree has been described as a program that builds new pedagogical models and strategies for the allocation and practice of evaluative competencies, as well as the promotion of democratic and civic education and respect for human rights.

The celebration began with the words of the Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Cecilia Dimati, who was moved and said:

“This event has a great meaning for us, because today we received the 50th promotion of the Master of Education degree, which shows everything that we have built and advanced in the college and in particular in the master’s in 23 years. It is a symbolic master’s degree and our students love it very much.”

On the other hand, on that day there were distinguished guests who, in one way or another, were part of the external community and contributed to the transformation of education, building a more promising future for Colombians (OS)

Nancy Martinez, alumnus of the college and advisor to the Agency for Preschool, Elementary and Secondary Education, spoke about the school’s transformation and the challenges education has faced over time.

Likewise, amidst anecdotes, smiles and nostalgia, Alumnus Adriana Arcella and Professor Marco Feria took the attendees on a journey through time 53 years ago when the college was founded, remembering its plan of study, its growth and the inescapable recall of the instructions that passed through the college leaving its seal and legacy.

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The event also welcomed three graduates of Promotion Number Two Masters, Alba Lucia Moreno, Dean of Humanities at the Experimental University, Nivea Ester Yella, Professor of Basic Sciences Department at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and Julio César Ocaña, Coordinator from the Descriptive Geometry Area at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, who shared their experiences after completing a postgraduate course at the university and how it helped them in their professional growth.

The celebration culminated in the intervention of the Rector of the University, Hernando Parra Nieto, who welcomed the new graduates and reminded them of the importance of improving the thinking of the educational sector of teachers and working on training that includes other languages, so that they can continue to contribute. For a better society and a better country. Afterwards, guests enjoyed a large cake and coffee accompanied by stories, encounters and passions.

Finally, students who entered 2023-1 continued with activities, learned about University Health Services, academic plans, the AVANTE information system, and closed the morning feeling as part of the wonderful Externadista family.