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The workers of the Institute of Marine Sciences will take over the presidency of UNAM

The workers of the Institute of Marine Sciences will take over the presidency of UNAM

Workers Institute of marine and lake sciences threatened to takeChief Dean of UNAM This Tuesday night.

Union employees of the Institute demonstrated for 5 hours in Insurgentes Sur, after not being received by the authorities from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, which they decided to impose a blockade on.

The dissatisfied demand that the collective action agreement be reviewed and given places and half-spaces in the laboratory area.

We requested an interview with the administrative secretary of the university, but we were unable to do so. We demand the creation of job opportunities for laboratory technicians and laboratory assistants. We, as union representatives, have already shown the needs to the authorities. We are asking for 5 worker positions, 5 auxiliary positions, 4 general assistant positions and 1 worker,” shared Emmanuel Linares, union representative of the Institute of Oceanography and Lakes.

As a protest measure, activities at the Institute of Oceanography and Oceanography have been partially suspended since May 11 without halting investigations.

They pointed out that there are 62 administrative workers affected by the shortage of cadres in laboratories.

After 4:00 pm, they concluded their protest and lifted the siege they had imposed in Tyre, the rebellion since 11:00 am.

They stated that at night they would carry out a symbolic seizure of the rectory and would request a dialogue with the concerned authorities in order to obtain a positive response to their demands.

Tonight we will set up tents to take over the parsonage. José Castillo, Social Welfare Secretary at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de la Nacional . from Mexico.

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