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The wax figure of Galilea Montejo divides opinions again: ‘It looks like Laura Lyon’

The wax figure of Galilea Montejo divides opinions again: ‘It looks like Laura Lyon’

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Last weekend, Galilea Montejo unveiled a wax statue at a wax museum in her native Guadalajara. This is the second one made in his honor.

What did Galilea Montejo say about her wax figure?

In addition to being made to Montijo’s exact measurements, the statue is also wearing a dress designed by designer Benito Santos, which was first shown to the public and the media last Saturday.

Galilea Montijo said: “Thank you to the Wax Museum for taking me into consideration, especially in a city that is important and dear to me, Guadalajara, where my family is.”

“Thanks again to the Wax Museum, now my character in my beautiful land Guadalajara. What an honor! With what I love and am loved by my people and my land Guadalajara. Thank you Benito Santos for your dresses,” he wrote on social networks. “.

Does the wax figure of Galilea Montejo resemble her?

It seems that the broadcaster was happy to see the wax statue, so she did not avoid excitement when she saw its unveiling; However, opinions were divided on social media.

While some considered the statue to bear a strong resemblance to the driver, others pointed out that the features were greatly exaggerated.

“Change her wig and it becomes Laura Lyon”, “She does not look like Galilea Montejo”, “The wax figure looks like Jenni Rivera”, “The wax figure is more powerful”, “They are similar in their clothes”, wrote social media users.

The same thing actually happened with his other wax statue.

In December 2022, Galilea Montijo unveiled her first wax statue at the museum in Mexico City. On that occasion, the famous woman came accompanied by her then husband, Fernando Reyna, and her son.

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The idea of ​​capturing his face and shape began in 2019But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was postponed. It took eight months to update some parts of the statue, as well as costume details.

In 2022, Galilea revealed its first character.

“We chose a dress from a reality show. People at the museum asked me how I would like people to take a photo with me and I thought it could be from a reality show. I chose this dress that I really liked. It was final,” said the host on that occasion. “Va Por Ti” for Univisión.

Just like this time, the number received both positive and negative comments on that occasion, and Galilea was even compared to Lucía Mendes.

What is the process of making a wax figure?

According to Galilea Montijo: “The creation process was impressive“Since they put straw on your face and you can’t talk for two or three hours and you get claustrophobic, it’s a long process, but it’s a way to thank all the people who have been with me in one way or another.”

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