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The video of Shakira being forcibly silenced by Pique’s mother went viral; He did not defend her!

  • The video was taken in a public place and is from when Pique and Shakira were a couple.

  • The Catalan press confirms that the mother of the former footballer “did not forgive” Shakira for not being Catalan.

Netizens posted a video on social networks in which they observe Pique’s mother argues with Shakira in front of the former soccer player.

The video was taken in a public place at the time Pique and Shakira were still a couple.

In the scene you can see The singer wears a jacket with both handsWhile The mother takes her face with a gesture of jealousy to silence her by force.

however, Shakira continues her speech, That’s why Visibly angry ladystaring at her while He puts his index finger in his mouth as a sign to shut up.

Subtitled “Pies descalzos” she turned her back and He didn’t notice any gesture of him getting rid of the hand of Montserrat Bernabéu, Pique’s mother.

for his part, Pique saw the whole scene in front of him She does not try to stop her mother and does not make a gesture of disapproval. observed only in The previous player turns, ignores, vice versa.

The video generated a lot of controversy and outrage on social media. Because of the way Montserrat treats Shakira.

to some Internet users It makes sense for the singer to have a doll posed as a witch On her balcony and visible from the ex-in-laws house.

similarly, “You left me as your mother-in-law’s neighbor” On session song #53 is a clear signal of annoyance What happens to the singer Montserrat Cajar.

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Pique's mother is visibly upset

In addition, The Catalan press revealed that Pique’s mother never approved of Shakira being with himAlthough she is a global star.

Recently, a Catalan media revealed this The former footballer’s family is very “closed” and they “have not forgiven” Shakira “for not being Catalan.”

Details such as the fact that your The singer’s ex-mother-in-law suggested that she cut her hair short They became more suitable for the singer’s followers, as they considered that it was not a recommendation made with good intentions.

Shakira put a doll described as a witch on her ball

in time, Shakira also admitted that the aforementioned recommendation “was a big mistake.” So I will “never” care about the Montserrat Bernabéu.