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The unforgivable indiscipline of Uriel Antona in Chivas that will lead to his departure

The unforgivable indiscipline of Uriel Antona in Chivas that will lead to his departure

insistence Chivas de Guadalajara To get rid of Auriel Antona He has a very strong drive, which is why they seek to accommodate him in another club because they consider that he does not have the professionalism that the most important team in Mexican football requires through commitment For an unforgivable discipline.

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On the Peloteros PQ broadcast on YouTube A topic has been broadcast that will surely make a lot of noise in the vicinity of the Holy Herd, where they revealed an out-of-court case of “Brujo” who has both feet outside Guadalajara, The reason being that it was in the first place the perfect bargaining chip to bring to Sebastian Cordova to Verde Valley.

“The thing in Cordova has not fallen, it continues to push and pull, Marcelo wants it. Uriel Antuna is out of the Rojiblanca Foundation due to extreme indiscipline and is out of Chivas. He trains with the team (in pre-season in Barra de Navidad), but they already informed him before the match against That’s not true,” Mazatlan and Antona said.

“He put the women in the focus of Chivas. Uriel Antona committed a state of indiscipline. Precedent already exists from Dieter (Vilalpando), de Chuves (Eduardo Lopez), del Gallo (José Juan Vázquez). It happened at a local rally, Amaury was disappointed, It was part of what journalist Jesus Hernandez mentioned in the aforementioned program.

With this revelation it is the fact that the leadership of Guadalajara He will seek accommodation for him anywhere outside the team, as it is not the first time that Progo has broken internal regulations, as he has been punished on several occasions for his mistakes at the club, which is why he came. De Sebastian Cordova is not dependent on anything happening with Antona, who will not play anymore with the Flock in Clausura 2022.

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