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The unexpected phrase of Angela Aguilar that has earned her a barrage of flirty criticism on social networks

Angela Aguilar He is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable figures in the world of Spanish-language music and especially his native Mexico. Daughter of one of Mexico’s regional song stars, daughter Baby Aguilar It was awarded a few days ago at the Lo Nuestro Awards, where it was chosen as the best female artist of the year. Despite her triumph and the joy of her fans, the young woman has to deal with some haters in her life social networks They are not satisfied with some of the statements that the young woman publishes in her personal accounts.

daughter of the Baby Aguilar Again she was questioned about her devotion to Mexico, a few months ago Angela Aguilar On the occasion of the FIFA World Cup, he decided to celebrate Argentina’s victory by pointing out social networks For her Argentine roots inherited from her maternal grandmother, a phrase that earned her the wrath of many of her fans who do not understand the reason for her daughter. Baby Aguilar Proud to be 25% Argentinian.