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Ana Gabrielle announces her retirement after a night of booing at a Los Angeles party

Ana Gabrielle announces her retirement after a night of booing at a Los Angeles party

  • Ana Gabriel announced her retirement reasons during a party in Los Angeles, California.

  • The singer admits that the audience put her in a “difficult situation as a human being”.

  • The interpreter was upset with the audience and maintains that she has never been booed in her entire career.

Anna GabrielOne of the most beloved singers in the world of art has announced her retirement from the stage. María Guadalupe Araujo Young, better known as Ana Gabriel, iHe started his career in the seventies.

Guamúchil’s home country, Sinaloa, which scored 22 studio albums, plus 28 live and compilation albums, He said goodbye to the stages on what was a bittersweet night, marred by boos from the audience.

Touched by the audience’s reactions, the singer did not stay with the desire and gave them her reprimand. Which is that the assistants were dissatisfied because of Anna Gabriel touched on political issues between song and song, and even threatened to make the show shorter.

This is how Anna Gabriel announced her retirement from the stage

Anna Gabriel bids farewell to her audience and reveals the reasons for her farewell

During a presentation this weekend in Los Angeles, California, he surprised his audience, Anna Gabriel announced her retirement from the stage.

At the time of this announcement, he received the cries and entreaties of his followers, who asked the interpreter of “Who’s Like You” not to leave.

through a letter, Anna Gabriel was honest with the audience He revealed to them his reasons for considering retirement:

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“I want to tell you that I will soon leave the theater … I’m tired, because I have the right to live, I have the right to enjoy my family in another way …”

Yes good He did not specify a specific date for his retirement.then hung it It could be next year. The news was not well received by the audience who attended the concert, who did not stop yelling at him not to leave the stage.

In addition, The news was first delivered to his fans liveWell, it was a promise he made to his fans, that they would be the first to find out about his decision to retire.

Ana Gabrielle has a bittersweet farewell after an unusual event in her career

The 67-year-old Mexican singer has had a bittersweet moment During his concert, where it turns out, apparently, He received disrespect during his presentation.

through their social networks, Anna Gabriel published a statement in which he comments on that part of those present They put her in a difficult situation “as a human being and as a singer”.

It even recognizes that the “Unbalanced as an artist”Good I have never had an experience of this kind in my nearly 50 years of experience.

“Though I went out today at this first concert to give everything as usual, Part of the audience tonight put me in a difficult position as a human being and as a singer, it unbalanced me as an artist.

In my 48 years of work this has never happened to me I take my responsibility however I can’t accept disrespect When the only thing I carry with me is my voice, my singing, my friendship and my blessings.”

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Likewise, I apologize to the audience who went to have fun and who know that the artist will please them and fill their souls with love. I want to tell you this now I don’t feel good as a human being Not to mention as an artist, but yeah, I promise tomorrow’s show will be absolutely full of love and music. Thank you for your understanding, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

So he wrote Anna Gabriel on their social networks. And it is that the audience reacted against the singer because of this He started talking about political issues that have to do with Latin America.

The fact that displeased those present, Good, They began to boo and whistle, In addition to asking them to sing instead of speak, because they “paid a ticket to hear her sing and not make speeches.”

The interpreter was so offended by the situation, that she became embittered by making the show shorter than the show, but not before assuring the audience that she would always stand up for Latin America. For their part, some of those present at the ceremony expressed their opinion on social networking sites Anna Gabriel They also asked the translator to respect him.