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The money he earned from Anti Pique Songs

the singers Shakira and Carol J. On Friday, they posted a song called “TQG” (“You’ve Been Big”), in the lyrics of which their followers see fresh references to their former partners, the former Spanish footballer. Gerrard Pique Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA, respectively.

“You’re going to hunt for food, and I thought it was monotonous,” Shakira says in the song.

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And what about the future?

And he also affirms: “Seeing you with the new one hurts me, but I’m ready for ‘my thing’ / I forgot what we lived, that’s what upset you”, a message understood on social networks as a direct reference to Pique, who became the inspiration for his latest song after an emotional breakup.

also Shakira (Barranquilla1977) won three more awards as Pop Female Artist of the Year, Pop Collaboration Song of the Year and Song of the Year – Urban Pop for “Te felicito” with Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro, the first of a trio of songs dedicated to her former partner, Gerard Pique.

the future?

It is not known what will come. Shakira intends to live in Miami, USA, with her children. sasha and milano, But this was not possible.

Pique continues his work. the Kings League It is his “game” which he enjoys and so does the billing.

This release comes after the great media hype caused by Shakira’s previous song, Session No. 53 with Argentine producer Bizarab, which in two weeks collected nearly 162 million views on platforms such as Spotify.

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“Active” accounts based on these songs being played on Spotify and YouTube And as paid by each of the aforementioned platforms, Barranquillera’s songs have so far generated more than €21 million in income.

Today, according to European media, “BZRP Music Session #53” has amassed 350 million views on YouTube and Spotify alone, while “Monotonía” and “Te felicito” have 206 million and 477 million respectively, which is quite impressive.

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