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The tense meeting between Shakira and Monserrat, the mother of Gerard Picot

The tense meeting between Shakira and Monserrat, the mother of Gerard Picot

Shakira visit mother Gerrard Pique Recently they had an interesting conversation, in which Barnabo indicated to the lady from Barranquilla that he had spoken With his son, he was going to tell him that he made a mistake by leaving the mother of his children. It has been almost 12 years since Barranquilla has been romantically linked to the Spanish star and the relationship with the Montserrat Bernabeu has always been close.

According to photographers Jordi Martin, Piqu bought a house for more than four million euros He is practically related to him and who plans to turn it into a love nest with Clara Cha. Although the couple still reside in Beck’s bachelor’s apartment in central Barcelona, ​​they plan to move soon: “This information came to me from someone close to Gerrard, They don’t live in a love nest yet, but he already got it. It’s a new home, in a somewhat elite area of ​​Barcelona and near where Shakira lives. “And something that, in addition, will give the spouses more privacy and comfort, as they will also be closer to the children. .

According to Martin, Shakira and Monserrat hugged and greeted each other affectionately, but the conversation became tense when Shakira complained to Biko’s mother about her son’s attitudes and Clara Cha’s approach to the family: “Biko’s mother defended the son’s friend, said that she was a polite and loving girl, and things got tense”.

The relationship between Biko’s parents and Clara Cha

Clara Cha-Mart met the parents of Gerard Picot last August, because, according to the Gossip No Like program, the football player was going to introduce the young woman to her parents. however, The problem was that Gerard Picot’s parents were neighbors of Shakira’s parentsso it could have been an embarrassing situation for both the young woman and her parents.

Clara Cha and Beck with their children in Sydney

The Latin program El Gordo y la Flaca released some pictures that Gerard Picot enjoyed a family plan with Clara Cha and their children, Milan and Sasha in Sundanyawhich indicates that Kids already live with the soccer player’s girlfriend. But controversy in the networks arises because she appears from behind, which is why they assure that she may be Montserrat, Biko’s mother, although those responsible for the program insist that she is Clara.

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