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The visionary who predicted Shakira's separation makes a new and surprising revelation to the Colombian

The visionary who predicted Shakira’s separation makes a new and surprising revelation to the Colombian

Cuban astrologer Mahoney Vednetone of the most important fortune-tellers and recognized for his huge successes on the stars of entertainment (already announced Shakira’s separation from Gerard Picot), once again, through his YouTube channel, prophesied your future love and Having succeeded in predicting the year 2021Which announced the singer’s separation from the football player: “Shakira in the lovers’ speech is her new boyfriend, a Colombian, who lives in Miami (US) And she’s an athlete… It’s happiness that Shakira gives herself a chance in love.”

Although he did not mention the name, he dared to stress that they “get along very well and that this boy has just opened a school for poor children in Colombia.” Finally, he said it You will not have to face the prison problem for their legal issues with the Spanish justice system.

His separation due to infidelity ended in a scandal and today it is still one of the news that continues into this year. The Colombian artist has been associated with actors like Henry Cavill, Chris Evans, even Iker Casillaswho follows her on Instagram, but there is no confirmed love story yet.

His new theme, Monotona

Shakira and Ozuna via social networks gave the first audio preview of their long-awaited collaboration: Monotuna. October 19th That will be when we will be able to enjoy the song (and we will see if the video) that both international stars filmed in Manresa for two days as they revolutionized not only the Catalan city but the whole of Spain. The Colombian started leaving clues in her official profiles With a portion of the words we can now also detect at the volume level: “It wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t mine, it was the fault of the monotony, I never said anything, but it hurts, I knew this was going to happen.”

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