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Millionaire Sues Dr. Polo From "Case Closed" to Ex-girlfriend GIRLFRIEND

Millionaire Sues Dr. Polo From “Case Closed” to Ex-girlfriend GIRLFRIEND

Although Anna Maria Polo has kept her personal life private, she is famous Dr. Polo The closed case was not spared from the eye of the hurricane. Scandal sheds light on Millionaire Request to any faces driver by it ex girlfriendAnd the Marilyn K; It is known that the legal conflict has been active for several years and arose from the improper use of the program.

it is known that Marilyn K worked with Dr. Polo production company, so this relationship occurred outside the scope of work, resulting in a serious conflict that led to Millionaire suitWhich faces the driver. According to sources close to both of them, the controversy was due to the illegal use of the program’s name and this according to Marilyn belongs to her.

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