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The surprise that Ricardo Cadena has been preparing since the start of the season with Chivas at Apertura 2022

The surprise that Ricardo Cadena has been preparing since the start of the season with Chivas at Apertura 2022

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The Guadalajara coach is ready to innovate from his position and begins to make some adjustments that will come in handy during the tournament.


In the football guild it is said Preparing for the season is one of the most important stages for a football team. Before the start of high competition because It lays the foundations for the physical work and the ball that will take place during the tournament That is why they in Chivas have been trying to take advantage of it since the first day in Barra de Navidad.

Although Guadalajara has arrived in the city on the border with Colima since Saturday, it has been This Sunday when they start working Intensely ahead of the opening of 2022, where the coach Riccardo Cadena has shown that he is preparing some surprises on the field of play that he will implement in the next semester.

During his tenure, theThe strategist stuck to the game idea of ​​five defenders, three midfielders and two forwards, all this in order to maintain the defensive system; however, On the first day of work for the next tournament he modified the system To a line of four defenders, four midfielders and two attackers.

For this scheme, he hired Ricardo Cadena Hiram Mir, Antonio Briceno, Jesus Sanchez, and Carlos Cisneros As defenders in the midfield Fernando Gonzalez, Dylan Guajardo, Christian Calderon and Gael Sandoval, While the axes of the attack were Jose Juan Macías and Sebastian Martinez.

You have to remember that The team was destroyed due to the absence of many players Those who are absent due to their calls for the team and injuries, the players who will be occupied by the strategist during the tournament will be others, but the important thing is that. The team is adapting a new game idea that allows them to give it variety in matches.


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