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The Sports University honors professors on Cuban Flag Day • Workers

The Sports University honors professors on Cuban Flag Day • Workers

The Manuel Fajardo University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences on Monday honored a large group of professors within the framework of Cuban Flag Day activities.

Image: Taken from the university’s Facebook page.

In the main hall of the House of Postgraduate Studies, changes in teaching categories, the special status of Chancellor Professor, the Special Medal of the Minister of Higher Education, the University President’s Awards in Science, Technology and Innovation and other honors were awarded to all those professionals who contributed to the development and growth of the Centre.

Likewise, the careers of Doctors of Science Francisco García Ocha, Marta Cañizares Hernández, Ana María Morales Ferrer, and Leandra Luisa Vega Hernández were recognized in the “Life's Work” category.

“We pay tribute to a group of professors and workers who left their mark on the university. “It is more than enough to feel happy on this day, which should be a day of commitment to the science that we must do on the basis of sports development and training of professionals,” said Uccfd University Rector, Doctor of Science Silvano Merced. flexible.

Silvano Merced Lin, Dean of Manuel Fajardo University. Image: Taken from Silvano Merced Lin's Facebook profile.

At this event, the 50th anniversary commemorative stamp was also presented to Carlos Cuervo Pérez, Ana María Morales Ferrer, Jesús Domínguez García, and Felipe Estrada Gómez, the founders who brought prestige to the entity monastery.

“I have worked all my life, since 1968, in this institution, first at the Higher School of Physical Education, then as an institute and now as a university. Receiving an award of this magnitude, presented by the Rector on behalf of all the workers, means a lot to me, and I also think of my husband, who was the founder, and would have received this award on this day. “It's an indescribable feeling, but it gives me more strength to keep working,” Ana Maria Morales Ferrer said.

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Doctors Ana María Morales and Juan Miguel Rodriguez Gámez. Photo: Angelica Arce Montero.

Likewise, there was space to stimulate young people committed to scientific growth. Among them was Juan Miguel Rodríguez Gámez, Doctor of Science from the Faculty of Physical Culture of Holguin University, who received the “Young Researcher” category.

“For me, receiving this award is a merit, because it is the result of all the work that has been carried out from a scientific point of view with the aim of improving the quality of life and human development,” Rodriguez-Gamez said.

The Manuel Fajardo University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences has graduated nearly one hundred thousand students, including 80 percent of Cuban Olympic and world champions.