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The seven phrases that Emma Watson repeated to be authentic and happy

The seven phrases that Emma Watson repeated to be authentic and happy

the authenticity And honesty has always been flags Emma Watson. The actress, who is famous for the Harry Potter series, gave a good description of her The ability to compromise For social reasons feminism to Protect the planet. To this day, the translator has been (almost) missing from the big screen for five years. Where is Emma Watson? In an interview with him financial times He is the key, and as she herself explains, he is again authenticity. “has not been happybeing honestHe adds, “I think I am I felt trapped. What was really hard for me was that I had to go out and sell something that I do I didn’t have much control(referring to his recent projects). I felt responsible in a way that suits me frustratedbecause I didn’t have a voice. I’ve found that I just want to do the things that if someone criticizes me, I can say without hating myself, “Yeah, You made a mistakeAnd that was my decision. I should have done betterThis is the reason for its engagement New family project with his brother Alex And his father. It comes to Reneea trademark of Geneva Grown in France and produced in the USA. As she waits to shoot a new film that she says will start in 2024, she adds: “I am happy to quietly await the next suitable project. I love what I do. It’s about finding a way to do it where I don’t have to split into different faces and people. I don’t want to light up Android mode no more. Logical?”

The 8 Phrases Emma Watson Says Every Night

Emma Watson and her brother Alex in a photo for the family’s trademark Gin Rene.

Emma Watson and her brother often wear similar outfits to support Renais’ new project.

Eight years ago the actress bombed 7 affirmations Which is repeated every day to maintain a authentic life. there was Canada in promoting the project dug to the United Nations, in One World Youth SummitMeeting Young leaders. In that famous speech, Emma Watson He said that there are 7 affirmations that help him put himself every day in the place he wants to be in, despite the pressures or adverse circumstances. They are these:

  1. I willing to see me
  2. I’m ready to Speak clearly.
  3. I’m ready to Help yourself.
  4. I want to listen What others say.
  5. I’m willing to keep going even when I feel like it Single.
  6. I’m ready to sleep every night peace with myself.
  7. I am ready to show you the biggest, strongest and best part of you myself.

Being authentic makes us happier

according to Dr. Courtney Warrenan American clinical psychologist trained at Harvard Medical School, there 4 skills that help us win Emotional securitywhich leads us to happiness Because it allows us to better manage conflicts and show ourselves as we are and without fear of showing ourselves exhibition in front of others because We do not need external approval. “the authenticity It is defined as an object Be honest with yourself and act in a way that reflects your core sense of self. This means that you aspire to be yourself at all times and in all situations, including when you are alone, around others, and in social settings (Damman, 2021). You are behaving in this way consistent with your beliefsNo matter what others might say. In a recent blog post, the psychologist explains that you stand by your own values ​​no matter what circumstances arise. authenticity It is an essential component of Psychological comfort. Science has studied this extensively, the American psychologist explains. A meta-analysis of 75 scientific studies found that authenticity is positively associated with general well-being and active participation in work and life (Sutton, 2020). Being authentic today is not easy, despite the fact that it is highly valued in social terms. But every time we face to be more realistic In our thoughts, feelings and actions we take steps towards ourselves. In reality, Originality allows you:

  • Be yourself no matter what situation you find yourself in.
  • See your mistakes or shortcomings without shame or guilt.
  • forgive People who don’t like you, criticize you, or reject you for being different from them.
  • appreciate The wonderful things about you.
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