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The Science Minister accepted the inconsistencies in her CV

The Science Minister accepted the inconsistencies in her CV

Represent Jennifer Pedraza had revealed irregularities in the CV of the Minister of Science. Yesenia Supreme, which led to a wave of criticism from various politicians.

During the senior debate
He provided testimonies that support what was stated in his CV. However, he admitted his mistake regarding his experience at Magdalena University.

“Now we move to Magdalena University. Regarding the certificate issued by the university, my participation as a full-time professor was confirmed during the second semester of 2020, however, we noticed an inconsistency in filling out the SIGEP platform, as the date of withdrawal was mentioned, in reference to the date of issuance of the issued certificate.” From the university. This was a mistake on my part. Once the discrepancies are proven, we will notify the Public Service and I will request a review of the recorded dates. The portfolio head said.

Given the above, Minister Yesenia Olaya admitted that there was a contradiction in recording the dates on the platform, claiming it was a “finger fault” on his part.

He also indicated that he would continue with the public office Correction of recorded dates.

On the other hand, the The Public Prosecution initiated a disciplinary investigation against the official Due to alleged irregularities related to his work experience.

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