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The room Messi used in Qatar will be a mini museum

The room Messi used in Qatar will be a mini museum

The Argentina national team made history on December 18th in Qatar. Lionel Messi led his teammates to lift the World Cup In the final against France, from there, the Argentine star was so insatiable that he even went crazy Qatar University announced that the room in which the “10” stayed will be turned into a “mini-museum”..

Qatar University will honor the former Barcelona striker. According to the foundation, “Liu” left some things in what was his room and from now on, Future venue guests will not be able to book Suite B201The Ballon d’Or winner’s property will remain intact.

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In addition, Hatemi Al HitmiCommunications Director at Qatar UniversityShe told a local newspaper, “TheThe room of the Argentine team player, Lionel Messi, will remain unchanged and will be available only for visits, not for his residence“.

Meanwhile, the educational authority has published several photos on its official Twitter account, where you can see the Argentine ’10’ room in more detail.

The residence of the Argentine national team champions who were hosted on our campus during the World Cup # 2022“, the university said.

The institution is located in DohaThe capital of the country lands. Apart from the rooms, the gymnasium and the training field were also used by the athletes.

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It should be noted that the Argentines beat the French 4-2 in the penalty shootout, after they were 3-3 in the 120-minute match. Messi sent two goals in the final.

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