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The regime tries Cuban intellectual Alena Barbara Lopez Hernandez on charges of “disobedience”

The regime tries Cuban intellectual Alena Barbara Lopez Hernandez on charges of “disobedience”

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The regime cannot tolerate dissenting opinions from Cubans, proving once again that there is no freedom of expression in Cuba: intellectual Alena Barbara Lopez Hernandez faces trial for alleged “disobedience.”

“The Matanzas Municipal Court has decided to charge me with the crime of ‘insubordination.’ I have officially gone from accused to accused,” Lopez said on Facebook on Monday.

He added: “It is an ordinary crime, although we all know that this case has always been of a political nature.”

The intellectual, who was kidnapped by state security and forced to demonstrate peacefully in a park in Matanzas, explained the date of the trial: “My lawyer just called me to say that she made a mistake in telling me the date, and it will be the 16th of November, at 9:30 a.m. in the municipal court in Matanzas.”

In the face of this complaint, hundreds of Cubans supported Alina Bárbara López Hernández, who was protesting with a white paper around her neck due to state security harassment.

Silencing voices opposing the official Communist Party narrative has been a painful sixty-year practice in Cuba, but since June 11, 2021, the government has decided to stamp itself on the constitution itself, even erasing Fidel’s concept of revolution. “Every letter of this concept is a sword of Damocles for self-proclaimed continuity,” said Alfredo Rafael Ballesteros.

“It is sad to see what is happening in Cuba, and how the government achieves external expansion and takes care of its citizens internally. They will put on trial an important Cuban intellectual, Dr. Alena Bárbara López Hernández, who without “There is no doubt that history has already acquitted her and another will turn out to be an accused,” he added. To an accused, and she does not deserve authority that no one has given her.”

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The Board of Directors of the Center for Cuba Proxima Studies expressed its regret at the conduct of a political trial, against the law, of Professor Alina Barbara López Hernández.

“The court ad hoc for the hearing, which functions as a criminal body in the exclusive service of the authority of the (sole) Cuban Communist Party, will resort to legal pretexts to convict the teacher for exercising her constitutional rights in the service of the Cuban people. The truth is that Alina Bárbara has not committed any crime. This accusation demonstrates The systematic violation of human rights committed by the Cuban state against any citizen who opposes or peacefully opposes its ideological designs and doctrines.

“A very quick look at this violation indicates that Articles 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, among others, have been violated against the teacher. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We alert those who are preparing to carry out this arbitrary act of injustice and abuse of power, by seeking to illegally criminalize a worthy Cuban woman, simply for exercising her responsibility as a citizen to search for a peaceful solution. And to the tragic national crisis that all Cubans, and that this crime will not go unpunished.”

“We also ask those responsible for this new blunder: What are they looking for with this? Why don’t they stop making such serious mistakes? Where will this great loss of reputation lead them?”

“The Governing Council of Cuba Proxima condemns this injustice, and calls once again for respect for the human integrity and citizenship of an accused who did not endanger anyone, while reiterating our call to confront the national crisis with common sense. It is political superiority, patriotism and human greatness that lead to real and acceptable solutions for all Cubans.” .

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