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Kobe crawls across the hospital floor without receiving help

Kobe crawls across the hospital floor without receiving help

In the midst of the crisis plaguing Cuba’s health system, images emerged on Tuesday of an elderly man crawling on a hospital floor while several people watched without receiving help.

The Cubanos Por El Mundo news portal, which published this material on its Instagram account, denounced: “The painful images that show the inattention, chaos and lies practiced by the ‘medical force’.”

The man was crawling and several people were looking at him without helping him.

The critical situation in the island’s hospitals reported by various media in recent years is not only reflected in the shortage of basic medical supplies such as bandages, sutures, Levin tubes, endotracheal tubes and other basic supplies for emergency care.

This is also evident in the mistreatment of patients and the state’s indifference to its health system.

In August, shocking photos of patients emerged Camagüey Psychiatric Hospital Who have been abused by their caregivers.

A woman pregnant with twins also denounced the miserable conditions in the National Hospital in Havana, as she said in her condition: I had to carry water In buckets for showering and flushing the toilet.

Cuban doctor Alexander Figueiredo had denounced this a week ago Island town “He is completely unprotected from a health standpoint and his doctors are waiting for a response or they will stop serving.”

He said doctors from Bayamo Hospital delivered a letter to the facility’s management and did not receive a response on how to continue providing terrible care without resources.

Figueiredo has been making the same complaints for years about the lack of supplies in the country’s hospitals, making him a victim of repression and harassment.

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