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For the second time they rejected the candidacy of Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca

For the second time they rejected the candidacy of Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca

With the opposition bloc's defense and demands Brown womanGeneral Council of the INE Registration refused to Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca As a multi-member MP candidate, he is nominated by the National Action Party for the second time, because he is a fugitive from justice.

by 10 upvotes And One againstThe National Institute of Statistics refused to register the former governor for first place in Second electoral districtthe follower Parliament.

he Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation He decided that he did not meet the conditions, because he had been removed from justice and two warrants had been issued for his arrest.

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TEPJF decided that “in a final and inviolable manner, citizen Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca evaded the procedures of justice to avoid being subjected to judicial sanctions.” Criminal process Consequently, his registration as the National Action Party's candidate for the position of Federal Representative for Proportional Representation, in first place on the list corresponding to Second electoral district Multi-member electionwithout there being room for registration again, as PAN now intends.”

Representative of the National Action Party, Victor Hugo Sondon He noted that the former governor of Tamaulipas state has Final suspensionIt restores his political electoral rights.

On behalf of the Democratic Revolution Party, Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo He stated that the former official is not a fugitive from justice, which is why he called on the National Institute of Statistics to take this into consideration. Determination.

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“Protection does you no favors. This is the very dangerous precedent we are leaving here. Whether a public ministry gets to have the final say on a nomination or not,” he warned.

Morena's hand Sergio Gutierrez Luna He accused Garcia Cabeza de Vaca of hiding in the United States, while displaying a banner with the legend “Where is he?” And draw a cow.

“They are hanging on by every fingernail trying to give immunity to A Evaporates quickly Justice. They cheat, they come with this Chicanada. The judge will end up in prison, anyway, and accompanies Cabeza de Vaca The mallow “Both of them will be there,” he accused.

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The brunette Mario Lergo He stressed that no one knows the whereabouts of Garcia Cabeza de Vaca, except the presidential candidate Xochitl GalvezWith whom a photo was taken in the United States and displayed during the session.

labor Party Gerardo Fernandez Noronha He took the opportunity to attack the judge who issued the suspension, the judiciary, and the Prime Minister Norma Peña.

Advisor Uuc-kib swords They explained that they face two contradictory sanctions, one from the upper chamber of the TEPJF and the final suspension of the district judge, which changes legal situation.

However, he pointed out that the National Institute of Statistics could not ignore a number of provisions of the law electoral court, Therefore they must refuse registration.

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