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The reason Anuel and Yailin end their relationship

The reason Anuel and Yailin end their relationship

In recent days, Puerto Rican singer Anuel A. a. And Dominican Yellen “most viral” trend on social networks after the translator of “Quiere Beber” confirmed their separation. This has caused many curious people to investigate why their services were terminated.

At the beginning of February, the Puerto Rican indicated through a live broadcast that he had separated from his wife, Yaelen, and the future mother of his daughter.

“Yaileen and I are no longer together because of things in life. It’s sad that she’s pregnant and we can be together right now and have a family under one roof, but as for things in life, we’re not together.”

However, many rumors circulated on the networks about what could happen to the couple for the separation. One of them was that Anuel spent nearly $400,000 a month at Yailin on beauty treatments, make-up, and wigs, which is why he was going to decide to quit.

However, on “Voces Críticas” they commented that the singers broke up because the Dominican artist began to suspect that the reggaeton singer had been unfaithful on various occasions.

They also reported that in the middle of an argument about the situation, the couple were shocked that the woman reacted violently when she found out. This was the reason they decided to separate. They also confirmed that Anuel AA was going to move out of the house they live in together.

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So far, none of the artists have made statements regarding this sensitive issue.