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The original section of the Berlin Wall was donated to the city of Tijuana

The original section of the Berlin Wall was donated to the city of Tijuana

An original piece of the collapsed Berlin Wall — once rejected by the White House — was donated to the city of Tijuana this Sunday and will be on permanent display in front of the border fence.

The nearly three-ton, 12-foot-tall piece was presented to the White House in 2019 to commemorate 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The so-called Walls Against Walls initiative (Walls against walls)

At the time, the letter was written to President Donald Trump to commemorate “America’s commitment to building a world without walls.”

gift Rejected By the White House, he later toured various parts of the country, including the San Ysidro border, in November 2019.

One of President Trump’s key promises is building a wall along the southern border. During his administration, he initiated a plan to replace the miles of border fence with Mexico with a taller one.

This Sunday the piece of wall was officially handed over to the city, where it will be its permanent home. It was donated by producer Marcos Cline-Marquez. Who will work? A partnership with the German non-profit organization Die Offene Gesellschaft brought the piece to the United States.

“There was always the idea that this wall would have an impact on the community somewhere and be somewhere in the shadow of the border wall that’s there now,” Cline-Marquez said. “From the beginning, we already knew the idea was to have it in Tijuana,” he added.

A piece of the Berlin Wall was presented in a ceremony presided over by Tijuana’s mayor Montserrat Caballero. “34 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany, it reminds us that there is no wall that has not fallen because of the power of freedom and peace among people,” he said during his speech.

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As a special guest, Marcelo Ebrard, now a pre-candidate for the presidency of Mexico, supported the administration to reach Tijuana during his presidency.

A piece of the Berlin Wall is located in Playas de Tijuana, and the US government is currently pursuing plans to replace the border fence in the Parque de la Amistad area.

On the lower part of the wall, a small plaque was opened: “Let this be a lesson to build a society that tears down walls, builds bridges of unity and understanding, and always seeks the common good, social justice, freedom and fraternity.