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The only three jobs that artificial intelligence will not replace, according to Bill Gates |  Techno Doctor |  magazine

The only three jobs that artificial intelligence will not replace, according to Bill Gates | Techno Doctor | magazine

the artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way we use our devices and perceive technology in recent years, which is also impacting the world of work.

With all the possibilities that artificial intelligence offers, the workload of many workers is reduced Many functions could become obsolete in the future. However, there are other functions that can be adapted and appreciated more.

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This is the way he considers it Bill Gatesco-founder of Microsoft And one of the greatest experts in this technology.

The further development of generative AI progresses, the greater the need for three types of workers, as Gates explained in his blog: Gates Notes.

  • The work focused on developing artificial intelligence
  • Jobs that use artificial intelligence to stay up to date
  • Jobs related to technology and energy

According to Gates, Health care and mental health care jobs They will belong to the category that can use artificial intelligence to stay updated. Using AI, healthcare professionals can enhance their capabilities, bringing their care to areas with limited access and providing personalized support based on a patient's history.

Artificial intelligence: advantages and challenges for workers and companies

And in the case of education-related jobs as well It can be adapted to suit the needs and behaviors of students From the following generations. For example, you could focus on developing virtual teachers who teach children and teens through video games.

“In the coming years, the main impact of AI on business will be: Helping people do their work more efficiently. “This will be true whether they work in a factory or in an office handling sales calls and accounts payable,” Gates said.

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He added that the responsibility for managing the appropriate transition to artificial intelligence-based work falls on companies and governments. (Yo)