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The Oceanographic receives 10 million for a marine science project

The Oceanographic receives 10 million for a marine science project

headquarters Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) From San Pedro del Pinatar you will receive Ten million euros – out of a total of 53 – to coordinate a national marine science project which includes seven independent communities and this is part of a new working tool of the Ministry of Science and Innovation called Supplementary plans.

This was announced yesterday by the Minister of the Branch. Diana Morantewhich specified that out of 10 million identical to the territory, his ministry contributes 6 million and 4 from the region of Murcia.

This investment “actually means” more programs for the three IEO centers in the region (in Mazarrón and La Azohía, as well as San Pedro). Morant gave as an example a oyster farming project in which work is underway to reproduce the ecosystem of the Mar Menor: “The researchers told me, little did I know that after laying a million oyster eggs, only two energies end up alive; But with this project, 100,000 will end up alive.” For Morant, scientific projects like this one, in which “there are many illusions, speak of the future.”

The environmentalists he met spoke to him “about their struggles, frustrations, and helplessness”.

In addition to software, supplemental plans like these are called upon to serve as the spearhead of Increasing the number of researchers in our country and in the region. The minister stressed that between 2012 and 2015, one of Rajoy’s legislatures, 10,000 research posts were destroyed “due to cuts and austerity in the People’s Party”.

On the contrary, the Socialist Minister pointed out that “The only two budgets for this government have considered replacement rates of 120%.”. In addition, he indicated that “we are facing the largest public job offer for the state’s public administration in the past fifteen years and this will be for the science sector,” stressing that in the coming weeks it will be presented. Open this call that you want “feedback research centers to strengthen the system and for people to devote themselves to the practice of science in a dignified manner”.

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Environmental organizations that the former mayor of Gandia met with described how “her struggle has been for many years” and They talked to him about “frustration and helplessness And that knowledge is the best way to provide knowledge. And for this, they asked him to “strengthen scientific institutions.”

“Let’s not swear”

Morante met yesterday with representatives of environmental groups. Juan Carlos Caval

The Science Minister became more serious when she referred to the restoration of the Mar Menor. Specifically, when Asked the government of Murcia to “take responsibility” Before “one of the environmental dramas plaguing our country.” Specifically, one of the goals of his visit is to “follow up” on the work being done on the ecosystem. He gave good news: “I want to send a message of hope. The damage is irreversible. We are on time». But he sent a message to the community.

“I would like to clarify a few things in advance: here everyone has to assume their responsibilities and obligations,” he said, referring to the authorities that the regional administration claims to be incompatible with, but which, he explained, are detailed in the Spanish constitution and in the Statute of Autonomy. «The obligation of the Government of Spain is to legislate and the obligation of society is to enforce the laws He continued: In the affairs of fishing, ports and agriculture, monitoring what is going on and the necessary inspection.

“I want to send a message of hope: the damage done to Mar Menor is not final; we are on time”


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He stressed that the scientific community “has a broad consensus on what is happening in Mar Menor,” noting that “The problem is the root” Because it is the “human factor” that “produces the excess of nutrients, nitrates and heavy materials that reach the Mar Menor.” In short, she concluded that “balance can only be achieved through work in origin and competencies belong to society.”

Despite the slap on the wrist, he said that he had come to the area “with a full sense of loyalty to the government of Murcia, desirous of cooperation”; But she was upset with the regional president, Fernando López Meras, because he said a few days ago that “they are making constant appeals for help” to the government of Spain without responding. “This way we can’t work”he insisted.

“Since we are engaged in co-operation, even in competitions which are not ours, We do not insult or insult the intelligence of citizens‘, he finished.