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The National Innovation Council considers food production with the contribution of science – Escambray

Diaz-Canel said that there is still a lack of relationship between knowledge and production when analyzing scientific projects in the country to increase food production

Diaz-Canel noted that the issue of extension is vital if we want to socialize and deliver the best scientific results in agriculture. (Photo: Radio Rebelde)

The need to promote more sustainable agriculture to make it compatible with the environment through the interaction of ecological agricultural products with the development of biotechnology, are essential, along with the integration of all actors, in order to increase productive rhythms in this sector dedicated to food production, and it is considered a strategy.

This was the topic that triggered the exchange during the first meeting this year of the National Council for Innovation chaired by President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz and other government authorities of the country.

The experiences and results of the BioCubaFarma Business Group in the implementation of advanced technologies for food production, were disclosed by the Vice President of this institution, Doctor of Sciences Eulogio Pimentel Vázquez, who carried out a comprehensive review of the results obtained by this group during. The year that just ended, 2023 targets and action lines in areas such as agriculture, veterinary medicine, diagnostics, culture media associated with projects, and other industrial enzymes.

The presentation sparked a broad discussion in which the role of the scientific establishment and its impact on the agri-food sector was acknowledged. “These experiences can continue to contribute to food production by expressing all actors,” was a concurrent criterion.

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Mercedes Delgado Fernández, Dean of the Escuela Superior de Cuadros del Estado y Government, said that the search for more sustainable results in food production in the agri-food sector also means training and educating those responsible for directing these operations in the field. .

The integration of all actors to materialize the projects and measure the impact of each realization was at the core of the intervention of Eduardo Martínez Diaz, President of BioCubaFarma Business Group who considered that we are currently in a better working moment with MINAGRI and Azcuba. “It’s about getting projects in, monitoring them and measuring their results,” he said.

It is also about bringing together different management models in agriculture, said the head of the sector, Yadael Perez Brito. “These projects give us an idea that we can achieve,” the director considered.

Finally, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel stressed that the issue of food production is the most urgent issue for the country, and considered it necessary to link the knowledge and production sectors more efficiently, and said that the issue of extension is vital if we want to socialize and provide the best scientific results in agriculture.

For the country, it is likely that an institution such as BioCubaFarma is also oriented to food production, which is the founding idea of ​​Wedel, and now we must strive to move forward in this direction, he said.

The Cuban Head of State stressed the need to give a local approach to every scientific project in the field of agricultural production, which will lead us to strengthen the law of food sovereignty and food and nutrition security.

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