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COECyT invites you to participate in the Grupo Milenio Science and Creativity Fair

COECyT invites you to participate in the Grupo Milenio Science and Creativity Fair

agriculture Creativity and curiosity It is very important for children to generate knowledge about science and technology in them State Council for Science and Technology (COECyT) Meet the students of primary and secondary education to Science and Creativity Fair Coahuila 2023.

With this delivery, students are expected to achieve a Experiential and purposeful learning Through their participation in creative focus projects Technologist and emphasis on Solve the problems around youto develop competencies in these areas and with inquiry.

Students enrolled in public and private educational institutions in the state of Coahuila may participate in classes 4th, 5th and 6th grades of elementary school and 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades of high school. There are four categories for this contest: Scientific projects, technological projects, citizen projects, and special education projectsthe latter being those performed in multiple centers of interest (cam(and formal education support service units)user).

The project must be developed in equipment, two to three students, from the same grade level and from the same institution. In addition, students must be registered andn one project and it will have a blog which describes the development of the project. It is also necessary to have a file advisor And they will be able to accompany a maximum 3 projects.

In addition, projects should focus on the following areas of the natural sciences: human development and health care, biodiversity and environmental protection, change and interactions in physical phenomena and processes, properties and transformations of materials, and scientific and technological knowledge. knowledge in society.

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Students interested in participating have even May 4, 2023 To register, so for more information it will be necessary to enter the COECyT Coahuila website.