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The National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela has confirmed that Nicolas Maduro's "miraculous goths" only work as a mouthwash.

The National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela has confirmed that Nicolas Maduro’s “miraculous goths” only work as a mouthwash.

Nicolas Maduro showing off a bottle of Carvatever (EFE / PRENSA MIRAFLORES)

President of the National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela, Enrique Lopez-Louis, Express that interferon Carvativir, Which the Venezuelan dictator defended as “Gothic miracleCoronavirus, It can only be recommended as a mouthwashBut it does not in any way prevent the spread of the virus.

We are clear about that. It is a plant compound based on isothymol that was used 30 or 40 years ago as a mouthwash, as a topical antiseptic, and in some cases it had use for skin diseases and germs, but There is no real antivirus use known in serious research work. There is simply some history of its use in experimental animals, ”Lopez Luoyo said during an interview with Wave the superstation.

A) Yes, Lopez-Lewis criticized the offer of this antiviral as an alternative to a vaccine. “The problem here is the vaccine. We need to be vaccinated,” he said.

“They (the Maduro system) have demonstrated that botanical formulas can have an adjunctive effect like the injections that accompany treatment, however They have no scientific conviction To decree preventive or cure these diseases, “he said.

The president of the National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela indicated that World Health Organization (WHO) It states that there are no preventive drugs against COVID-19.

Photo provided by the Miraflores press showing a carvativir container in Caracas (Venezuela).  EFE / Miraflores Press
Photo provided by the Miraflores press showing a carvativir container in Caracas (Venezuela). EFE / Miraflores Press

Maduro defends the effectiveness of carvativir, an oral solution derived from thyme that would neutralize the Corona virus without side effects, a claim without scientific support. Also, the dictator Ensures that carvativir They can be used both prophylactically and curatively.

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Facebook has removed a video in which Maduro is defending the “miracle drops” against the Coronavirus. The Venezuelan president claimed at the time that “Facebook, in an authoritarian and abusive manner, censored me without warning and without protest.”

This is not the first time that the National Academy of Medicine has criticized Maduro’s recommendation. In January, after Chavista said those drops, “100% neutralizationCoronavirus, the foundation issued a statement Caution about lack of information and evidence.

This academy is not aware of any studies that scientifically demonstrate the effectiveness of this or any other “natural” treatment for COVID-19.What’s more, in addition to being a new virus, there was no knowledge or experience in managing and treating it in Venezuela even before March 13 (2020), the date on which COVID-19 appeared in our country, “the foundation said in its text signed by the doctor Enrique Lopez-Louis s Huníades Urbina-Medina, Academic Secretary.

The Academy urged the Chavez regime and the population to do so Do not publish information that lacks scientific support, Especially given the delicate health situation in Venezuela: “We call on the national government and the general population not to publish information that lacks scientific support and adhere to the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, as it can lead to adverse consequences, in the event of an epidemic, generating a false sense. Security of the population at risk, given the poor health of Venezuelans.

In this line, To the recommendations of the World Health Organization: “Although some Western, traditional, or home remedies can provide relief and alleviate the symptoms of COVID-19, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that cannot be disproved that current medicines can prevent or treat the disease. Everything is implemented in the experimental phase. Looking at what’s new about this coronavirus. “

Nicolas Maduro defends the use of carvativer

For her part, Carvatever also ruled Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), A body that requested publication of findings on Maduro’s “miraculous gothic”.

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Both the PAHO and WHO are not validating new treatments or known drugs that have been repurposed for this condition for use in COVID-19.″ Said Sylvain El-Deigiri, Deputy Director of the Health Emergencies Department of the Pan American Health Organization.

The expert added: “What the PAHO is doing is to periodically identify, evaluate and compile available evidence about possible treatments through publications in scientific articles.”

Maduro introduced Carvatever in January During a televised speech on the scale of the epidemic: “After I have obtained the official health clearance of the country, I can offer a drug that neutralizes 100% of the Corona virus, Carvativir, known as Jose Gregorio Hernandez Miracle Drops.”

He explained that this treatment “is the result of many clinical, scientific and biological studies that lasted for nine months and included trials on moderate and severe patients, who” always recovered according to the dictator “from the disease thanks to these. Drops.”

Ten drops under the tongue every four hours and a miracle happensIt is a powerful, very powerful antivirus that nullifies the spread of the Corona virus, “Maduro insisted, indicating later that everything related to this product” will be published in international magazines. “

He continued that carvativir is a medicine.Completely harmless“, we will “It has no side or negative effectsOr at least they show it, he said, “Huge experiencesThis is made in Venezuela.

Maduro did not want to reveal the identity of the main scientist behind the creation of the drops. But he stressed that it was a “brilliant mind” and that they “would protect it for the time being.”

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What’s more, It promised to export thousands of doses of Carvativir To the countries that, besides Venezuela, form the ALBA-TCP bloc (Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Haiti and other Caribbean countries) and exchange it with other countries with which they maintain a “strategic relationship”, although they did not mention any.

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