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Geosciences academics "took over" the headquarters of Spauaz;  Request for workloads  Teaching a specialty

Geosciences academics “took over” the headquarters of Spauaz; Request for workloads Teaching a specialty

Dissatisfied teachers close Spauaz facilities ■ Photo: martín catalan lerma

There are subjects yet to be assigned even though the semester is already advanced

The university’s general secretary, Angel Roman, agreed to the crowd with the two hatefuls. It announced that it would take drastic measures in case of non-compliance

The teachers of the Academic Unit of Geosciences of Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas (BUAZ) have acquired the facilities of the Union of Academic Personnel (Spauaz), to demand that the workloads be allocated to the current semester for the many professors whose rights have been violated in this area.

The demonstration was attended by José Juan Martínez Pardo, Secretary General of the Syndicate, who informed them that the Executive Committee will meet with the university authorities in the afternoon, in order to address this situation.

After several hours of protesting and agreeing to attend that meeting, the teachers agreed to remove the red and black flags they had placed in the union building and hand over the facilities, but warned that if they were not in a bad situation. , Will resort to other drastic measures starting Monday.

Robin del Pozzo, one of the earth sciences teachers who participated in the “takeover” of the building, wondered that only one month of school activities left this semester and so far the teachers have not received their workload.

“We provide the facilities by agreement and commitment that we will go today to the human resources department and trust you to set the corresponding fees, but if this is not done, that is, if they return to apply the fees that they applied for us, for example, if the meeting is canceled, we will take stronger measures on the day. Monday “.

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In this regard, Martinez Pardo commented that on his part there is support for the demands of geosciences teachers before the central administration, especially with regard to workloads in this semester, as there are subjects that have not yet been assigned although the semester is already advanced.

He reiterated that he had contacted the University’s Secretary General, Angel Roman Gutierrez, who agreed to a hearing on Friday afternoon, to address the situation of the principal teachers of the Geosciences Academic Unit.

The problem belongs to a group of colleagues from geosciences who feel their rights have been violated, as delay strategies have been put in place by management and their workload has not been identified. Of course, this affects their income and the perception of their salaries, he explained.