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“For the province, Interna has a large number of patients.”

Maria Izquierdo I never thought, when he finished his medical studies at university Extremadurawho would eventually become MIR’s first resident in history Tagus Hospital. What’s more, the awarding of the position suddenly caught him by surprise, things like the fact that the selection process for vacant positions was no longer done in person or online. at present. You have decided to train in internal medicine in Villalba Hospital (That’s what the simulation told her), but nearly two months after the unexpected news, she’s already on track to complete her first 30 days as a future specialist at this hospital in Aranjuezsouth of the Community of Madrid.

“I Wanted Leaving Extremadura And I go to a big city, and I was very skeptical about Andalusia or Madrid. But in the end I decided to go to Madrid, because I already knew people who had been there. I put several options within the community, and simulation He told me I was going to Villalba, so I started talking to residents at the hospital and my mind was already looking for an apartment in the area. But suddenly it was my turn prize “I was surprised by Aranjuez,” Maria recalled in an interview. ConSalud.es.

“SIMULE told me I was going to Villalba, so I started talking to residents at the hospital and already had in mind looking for an apartment in the area.”

In fact, he admits I don’t know any residents The ability to consult was one of the reasons why Hospital del Tajo was not among their preferences in the list. But once the moment came and he realized the “surprise,” he decided to take it as a “surprise.”Adventure“I didn’t know which resident was in Aranjuez, but that’s the way it is I didn’t know until I got the job “They didn’t have residents before and that I would be the one to start this phase,” says Maria, who also studied in Salamanca. Along with your position, Aranjuez also secured her first two places this year. family Medicine from history.

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“I started researching and researching when they gave me the position, however I couldn’t find To any former residents. It seemed very strange to me, so I asked the human resources at the hospital directly and they had already told me that.” What Maria did not know was that, the doctor at the time commented to ConSalud.es. Pilar ArcosIts now custodian, Hospital del Tajo – a tertiary level regional hospital – had previously received medical students in training from Alfonso. Thus, the young woman from Extremadura began her residency as a future specialist in Internal Medicinelike the rest, on May 7.

“Because of my approach and my personality, I believe that Hospital del Tajo has the perfect size and everything we need to receive the proper training.”

“It’s also true that I wasn’t planning to go to the hospital Very large. It depends on the specialty, but for internal medicine they recommended it to me Go to a smaller oneBecause it allows you to touch more things; That’s why I suggested Andalusia. Moreover, because of my way of being and my personality, I believe that Hospital del Tajo It has the perfect size “All we need is to get the proper training,” says Maria, who sought through this decision to establish a “closer relationship” with the rest of the population. The problem is that she is the only one in Tajo Hospital. “Everyone calls me that here,”the resident“He says between laughs.

“In that sense, I don’t have any competition from other residents…but everything has its good and bad sides. Having no prior experience, it’s a bit noticeable that It’s not organized. Rotation issue. “But of course this is the most logical thing in the world,” the doctor explains. And beyond another MIR family Medicine Which takes place in Hospital del Tajo and Two effective interest rates Who also started their training there in 2024, Maria is practically alone: ​​“This is what affected me the most, especially in terms of social life. But I’m adjusting little by little“.

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Small hospital but very complete

However, Maria highlights everything related to her work at her residence Internal Medicine -“I was hesitating between this or family medicine, because I wanted to have close contact with the patient” – He really likes it. “As I told you before, I have very good support By all hospital employees. “I’m so grateful to be the only one, because anything I need is resolved immediately,” she says. “I know this all takes a lot of work on your part, I do I’m looking forward to next year “I know who my partner will be,” Maria says of the training in which she will also rotate, starting in her second year, through October 12 degreesReference Center of Hospital del Tajo.

“For a regional hospital, internal medicine has a very high patient volume, and there are very few things that lead to that.”

“It’s another positive point regional hospital, Internal medicine has a very large number of patients, and There are a few things that stem. But training in other specialties such as cardiology, Neurology, Medical or infectious oncology is performed on October 12. Put the scales on, I think the results will show positive“, insists the young woman from Extremadura. Specifically, according to the data of the Community of Madrid, the Hospital del Tajo has been trained 270 students A medical degree in every course and over 40 in nursing. Additionally, for the 2025 MIR call, they have already approved another vacancy. Anesthesia and resuscitation. “From there, I imagine more specialties will be added,” their internal medicine teacher explained to this medium.

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It was opened in 2008, Tajo Hospital is a ten-minute drive away Aranjuez city center Already forty from Madrid, which is another big obstacle when it comes to making places among doctors who are not natural area. Maria realizes that this was “Additional worry“, which led him to live for the first three weeks with a family from the nearby town of San Martín de la Vega. Recently He found an apartment, which he does not share with anyone for the simple reason that he does not know the people, in Aranjuez itself, something he gave priority in his first year even though he goes to Madrid often. “Aranjuez It is a very beautiful and quiet cityAnd arrive in Madrid in no time. Then we’ll see.”