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The Open Days brings USAL academic offer in a virtual format

The Open Days brings USAL academic offer in a virtual format

The University of Salamanca celebrates the Open Door Days, which take place like last year in a virtual format, and take place from 15 to 21 April. Aimed at high school students, the conferences provide information about the academic offerings of the University of Salamanca, in particular the 68 and 25 double-degree degrees taught at the Salamanca, Avila, Bijar and Zamora campuses, including aspects such as reflective subject scores to improve admission score, residency offer, and grants Tuition and supplementary services such as sports, languages, and cultural activities, among others.

For this, a title-specific website is designed https://puertasabiertas.usal.es/ All of these aspects are collected and supplemented by a frequently asked questions section.

To enhance interaction and provide specific information on academic centers and degrees, a series of live chats have been scheduled through Zoom where interested students will be able to see the offer of degrees and job opportunities, and do so directly with those in charge of colleges, schools and degrees. The participation of students who will talk about their experience at the University of Salamanca, in addition to virtual visits to some centers, has also been planned.

The schedule for the talks, all in the afternoon, is as follows:

Monday 19

Law School

College of Science

Zamora University School of Nursing

Faculty of Philosophy

School of Medicine

Faculty of Labor Relations, Zamora University

Bijar School of Industrial Engineering

Presentation of BA and MA degrees in Industrial Engineering

Faculty of Philology

Zamora University Faculty of Teaching

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Tuesday 20

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Faculty of Psychology

Avila University School of Education and Tourism

Bijar School of Industrial Engineering

Faculty of Translation and Documentation

Faculty of Economics and Business

High School of Applied Arts in Avila

Faculty of Social Sciences

College of Nursing and Physiotherapy

College of Science

College of Fine Arts

Faculty of Chemical Sciences

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Wed 21

College of Biology

Adventia Aviation School

College of Science

faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Geography and History

Avila University School of Nursing

Polytechnic High School Zamora