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The most flirtatious eyeliner that everyone is already using and taking 2024 by storm

The most flirtatious eyeliner that everyone is already using and taking 2024 by storm

the term “coquette“In fashion, it embodies a fun and charming style that is reflected in style and personal presentation, and in 2024 the “coquette” fashion is back to stay, as it is a style with a prominent approach that seeks to attract attention in a subtle, but seductive way, using clothes and accessories that highlight the personality. womanhood And grace.

Fashion in this trend translates into special design choices in pink and pastel colors that may look strange and elegant at the same time, as they combine charming elements and subtle details to achieve a distinctive balance that is impossible to ignore, but fashion coquette It is worn not only on clothes, but also on clothes makeup.

It is a trend dominated by pink. Image: Pinterest

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The eye-catching eyeliner that will conquer 2024

Makeup trends are often associated with fashion aesthetics and in the case of coquettes are on the rise there border Which is already conquering the year 2024, it is a design characterized by soft and graceful strokes that follow the natural shape of eye With precise curve.

This scheme stands out for implementation Eyeliner to Colorsplayful details, such as small dots or fine lines strategically placed to enhance the expressiveness of a look, or the classic style of an arch in eyeliner, as indicated by eye-catching fashion.

Coquettes are here to stay. Image: Pinterest

Remember, to complete this outline, the Technologies Makeup should focus on radiant and natural skin, as eye makeup with soft shades in neutral or warm colors will highlight the beauty of the look without overshadowing the eyeliner that we want to highlight.

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While curling eyelashes and to request Careful use of mascara will give volume and depth, highlighting the attractive charm with lips in delicate and feminine colors, such as soft pink or peach, which perfectly complement the look and create a charming harmony.

The idea is to play with eyeliner in attractive colors. Image: Pinterest