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The Mar del Plata Interactive Science Museum project continues to progress

The Mar del Plata Interactive Science Museum project continues to progress

Photo: La Capitale MDQ

The Interactive Science Museum project in Mar del Plata, implemented by the Foundation for Applied Biological Research (FIBA), which was presented in January, continues to progress.

In a meeting between Carmen Visayan and Graciela SalernoPresident and Vice President of the International Basketball Federation, with the project leader, Alberto LeonTalk to the CEO of the Prohibido No Tocar Participatory Science Museum in Buenos Aires, German Nocity With the aim of benefiting from its experience after more than thirty years of management.

In the aforementioned meeting They agreed that Noceti would advise on issues such as location, design and assembly to create the interactive museum in Mar del Plata.

“The project promises to enhance scientific education and culture in the coastal city. This strategic alliance is expected to enable the development of a world-class museum, offering unique interactive experiences that will captivate the interest of visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

“This is a symbolic project for the region and for the spread of science and culture in Argentina,” Alberto León announced. “Every element of the museum will be an educational experience, and it will be the modern blackboard.”

“Under this agreement, MIC-MDQ and the Participatory Science Museum do not touch They reaffirm their commitment to promoting science, culture and education in Argentina and throughout the region“, they concluded. (Dubai Islamic Bank) MP

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