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The Málaga Vetsummit 2023 conference will address the most relevant aspects of immunopathology on Saturday

The Málaga Vetsummit 2023 conference will address the most relevant aspects of immunopathology on Saturday

The College of Veterinarians is putting the finishing touches on the sixth edition of the Málaga Vetsummit, which will be held on 4 November at the Barceló Málaga Hotel. On this occasion, the topic will be Clinical Immunology and Advanced Therapeutics, Adopting a Single Health Vision (Human and Animal Health), where the most relevant aspects of immunopathology and its impact, both on human and animal health, are laid out. Within the framework of “One Health for All”.

The main goal of this event is Promote a greater understanding of the branch of biomedical knowledge and its essential role in veterinary and human clinical medicine.

Human and animal health are interconnected and interdependent. The One Health vision recognizes this interconnectedness and seeks to promote the health and well-being of all animal and human species, through… Collaboration and multidisciplinary approach.

President of the College of Veterinarians of Malaga, Juan Antonio de Luque, He explained, “This conference represents a unique opportunity to communicate with leading experts in the field of clinical immunology, exchange experiences and knowledge, and cooperate in promoting comprehensive health for both pets and the people who care for them.”

The objectives set by the Chairman of the Scientific Committee, A Dr. Fernando Farinas, It is “to unify medicine into one medicine, and to highlight in this conference the relationship between the diagnosis and treatment of these immune diseases, through learning and cooperation.”

Farinas is Director of the Institute of Clinical Immunology and Infectious Diseases, part of the YNMUN Biomedicina Group, and Professor Emeritus at the Department of Medical Microbiology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Málaga. He is also the coordinator of GEVIG (Immunity, Infection and Vaccination Study Group for Immunocompromised and Elderly Patients); In addition to being a member of the Hemato-Linfoid System Biology and Pathology research group.

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The conference will focus on different diseases. he Dr. Angel Saenz (Madrid College of Veterinary Medicine) will address the latest advances in understanding and treating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which affects humans and animals. Knowledge will be shared about early diagnosis, innovative treatments and how to deal with patients’ quality of life.

he Dr. Pedro Serrano, from the Neurology Service of Carlos Haya Hospital, will analyze inflammatory encephalopathies, their causes, diagnosis and new treatment methods. The importance of clinical immunology in the management of these conditions affecting both humans and animals will be delved into.

he Dr. Alberto MontoyaThe professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will examine the latest research on asthma, its pathogenesis, personalized treatments and how advances in clinical immunology can improve the quality of life of asthma patients.

Sepsis and clinical immunology topics will be covered previously Dr. Fernando FarinasChairman of the Scientific Committee. In this presentation sepsis will be discussed as A critical challenge in medicineAnd exploring the latest immunological strategies for prevention, early diagnosis, and effective treatment in both humans and animals.

Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia will be caused by Dr. Alejandro Escamilla, from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Malaga. It will delve into its immune mechanisms and emerging treatments that offer hope to human and animal patients battling this disease.

The conference is sponsored by the President of One Health at the University of Malaga and the General Council of Faculties of Veterinary Medicine in Spain. Moreover, as new this year, it is certified by the Occupational Health Union of Malaga (UPROSAMA), an entity that brings together 11 health professional associations From the province of Malaga.

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