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Education, science and technology are not chaste

Education, science and technology are not chaste

Javier Mailly proposed the privatization of Conicet: what productivity do they have? What did the scientists conclude?

It is with great concern that I write this note, that a few months ago the candidate for President of our country, javier Miley, He began a systematic campaign to strip the color of the term “class”, as he put there everything that he ignores or that he cannot promise a financial benefit, even without having a clear definition of his economic project, being the subject of his knowledge according to his self-reference.

With reference to my tangible knowledge, experience and achievements over the course of 35 years, as part of various academic teams at the national and international level, in the public and private spheres; I can assure you of that Climate change is not an invention of socialismis part of a collection of investigations and studies by eminent academics and scientists committed to the possibility of life for our children and the future of all humanity.

Know, Mr. Miley, that climate change, renewable energies and sustainable technologies; Among other majors, are The subject of study of our children, teens and adults in schools and universities who also beat them National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Conicet).

And I will explain to you that search in the mentioned dimensions It will enable us to live on a possible planetThanks to the interdisciplinary fusion of biology, mathematics, technology, literature and geography; Among the currently proposed educational projects.

Climate change is the result of a lack of concern for the ozone layer, among other factors. The ozone layer being a natural solar filter for the Earth absorbs and blocks ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. Thus protecting life from radiation that destroys DNA. If we deny this problem, it is estimated that by the year 2065 about two-thirds of the terrestrial ozone will have disappeared.

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This perception of the future scenario is based on a story published by NASA on the occasion of an experiment conducted by its scientists, which in 1987 led to the emergence of the so-called Montreal ProtocolWhere 193 countries agreed to ban the use of chemicals.

Our country has committed itself to the aforementioned protocol and has ratified it. Through education, science and technology, our companies will be able to achieve profitability and thus avoid harmful effects on the environment in which we all live.

It was at the University of Buenos Aires, where a young man finished his studies in 1911 and later won the first Nobel Prize in Science in Latin America. At this point we know we are referring to Dr. Bernardo Hosay, the creator of the Alkunesite.

Internationally recognized Scientific Research Council, though Maybe privatized or closed Because he is “punished” by the presidential candidate.

Our country needs, at this moment, more than ever, rational political leaders, and with them State policies are achievable within the framework of democracy.

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