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Con solo 5 minutos de ejercicios al día conseguirás un torso perfecto. (Getty)

The Japanese way to get a perfect trunk

Japan Mariko y Tomoya, The creators of the flagship channel for Fitness from Japan, B-life, They have become a real phenomenon in their country and abroad. Not in vain, as his advice and exercise methods are proven to work Be the right size.

His last suggestion is an effective way to Get a perfect trunk. They collected it in the book ‘Perfect trunk in 5 minutes In it, they suggest a daily program for an exercise Available to everyone and this will help us properly use our core muscles and transform our silhouette. And the best part is that we won’t have to worry about the dreaded rebound effect.

It is a group of Toning exercisesAnd the Burn fat And located in those areas most resistant to us, like Center. If we do these exercises every day, we will prepare in a few weeks.

Exercises such as the plank or boat are some examples of what we will find in a method Mariko y Tomoya.

Effective method

it’s a Japanese method Everything is going for it. It doesn’t take much time, because it is with Five minutes a day its enough. The routines are easy to do and can be done anytime, anywhere.

The method combines various disciplines, from exercises to Ballet a Yoga s Pilates. All of them focus on a specific muscle.

Plus, they are exercises that help us lose volume without gaining much muscle mass, and they help us strengthen muscles to achieve lean and healthy body.

Correct bad habits

Another of the strengths of this method It helps us correct bad habits that end up affecting our health. For example, Bad situations That weakens the abdominal muscles and makes our stomach grow. To strengthen these abdominal muscles, we must adopt a correct posture.

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With these an exercise We will also combat muscle weakness, while burning accumulated fat and converting it into energy.

Finally, for the method to be 100% effective, we must adopt healthy habits, such as not skipping or not following a balanced diet.