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The importance of mental health that must be done

The importance of mental health that must be done

“My body and mind said ‘no,’ but I didn’t know I was going through this until it happened,” he admitted. Interview American gymnast Simone Biles. The athlete has made the decision Withdrawing from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics due to mental health issuesThis sparked important controversy not only in the sporting field, but also in the social and practical fields.

Setting boundaries is important whether you are an elite athlete or an entrepreneur. In fact, the 72% of entrepreneurs say their work has affected their mental health54% feel stressed about the future of their startup, and 37% suffer from anxiety, according to Recent report Published by Startup Snapshot.

Specifically, to find balance in the life of an entrepreneur, and non-profit organizations such as anchor. lifeWhich seeks to prevent cases of chronic stress, anxiety and exhaustion at work. “We focus on addressing these episodes specifically because they are the most common in the world of entrepreneurship,” Carlotta Mateus, co-founder of the company, explained during the celebration of the sixth edition of the conference. BBVA Open Summit 2023.

How to take care of mental health

Psychologist and writer Pilar Sordo said in her intervention: “The space of vulnerability, the risk of losing this feeling, the risk of pain and saying ‘I am sad’ or ‘I am tired’ is a fundamental right that must be reclaimed.” At BBVA we learn together. At the same time as the emergence of mental problems increases, so do society’s mechanisms for combating them. Entrepreneurs can also follow some tips to take care of their psychological well-being.

  • Failure management. Half of the world’s entrepreneurs say they fear failure, according to the “2022/2023 Global Report Adapting to the New Normal” by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). However, overcoming these fears is part of the entrepreneur development process, as sometimes opportunities also arise from defeats. Moreover, in Spain it is common to try different business models: 62% of entrepreneurs have founded more than one business, according to the report “Socio-economic contribution of the South Summit in Spain”, carried out by the South Summit Foundation, one of the reference institutions. Entrepreneurship ecosystem events in which BBVA Spark was present, the bank’s comprehensive initiative to accompany high-growth companies.
  • Learn to delegate. It is known that entrepreneurs bear almost all responsibility for their actions, but this path can lead to… “Burnout” or burnt out worker syndromeincluded by the World Health Organization International Classification of Diseases. To avoid this, it is advisable to avoid overloading tasks and rely on the rest of the team so that they can focus on management.
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