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Benasque celebrates the 6th Science Week with experiments, competitions and conferences

Benasque celebrates the 6th Science Week with experiments, competitions and conferences

The Institute of Nano and Materials Sciences of Aragon (INMA) and the Institute of Chemical Synthesis and Homogeneous Catalysis (ISQCH) – joint institutes of the Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the University of Zaragoza – the Benasque Concencia Association and the Pedro Pascual Science Center are organized 6th Benasque Valley Science Weekwhich will be held on From 13 to 17 November At the Pedro Pascual Science Center and it will focus its activities this year on Sustainable development and artificial intelligence.

This media initiative dates back to 1991 in France, when Hubert Corian, the French Minister of Research, decided to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Ministry by opening its gardens to the public in order to bring science and researchers closer to citizens. Since 1993, European Science Week has been celebrated every year, and since 2001 it has been organized in Spain at the national level.

the Opening The event will be held on Monday November 13 At exactly seven in the evening, it will include the opening conference luis Martin Moreno, CSIC researcher at the Institute of Nano and Materials Sciences of Aragon INMA who will present at the conference entitled: ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

The week will include an exhibition developed by CSIC in collaboration with the Spanish Science and Technology Foundation ‘Sustainable energy’ Provides a global perspective on the state of global energy and current alternatives towards clean electricity and transportation. Furthermore, it focuses on the specific situation in Spain and includes tips and measures that citizens can take to contribute to the change in the energy paradigm. The exhibition includes educational guides for use in schools.

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During the week, practical activities will be developed targeting approx 600 students Valley from primary to high school, which includes scientific experiments on artificial intelligence, plastics and recycling, and on alternative energies, celebrate the day Hello science quiz pointsa science question and answer game, in Spanish and English, for mobile devices, iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux, available in the Apple Store and Play Store, awarded at international, national and regional level, which attempts to bring science into the world of young people based on games Videos, new technologies, drawing competitions and short scientific stories.

The general public and visitors to the valley will be able to enjoy media conferences at the highest level such as “Hydrogen: the energy of the future already exists” By Miguel Angel Laguna Bercero CSIC Researcher at INMA or “Chemistry in the Sustainable Development Goals” Written by Elisabet Pérez Ezquerra, ISQCH researcher at the University of Zaragoza. In addition, the documentary will be watched “The era of artificial intelligence” With subsequent discussion.

The 6th Science Week in Benasque is held in cooperation with the Vice President of Scientific Culture of the CSIC, the Ribagorza Region, the city councils of Benasque, Sahun, Sisoy and Vilanova, the Fabrice and Desnoguero pastry shops and the Las Tocas Mind butcher shops. And Sommos Hoteles, Barrabés ski and mountain, Veri and The Mindkind.