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Real Zaragoza |  JIM Devotion Exercise

Real Zaragoza | JIM Devotion Exercise

Until today, the most disturbing path in Real Zaragoza, with only one win and five supporting goals in nine days, it was made clear from the official rhetoric that bad luck, an unfortunate streak or the ball will actually go in, but Juan Ignacio Martinez, the least guilty of the team’s drift, but the one most exposed to his position as coach, decided to change the dialectical step and begin to recognize the problem. “I can’t sell smoke,” he said this evening, before adding: “It’s not about merit, it’s about scoring.

JimHe used his press conference for honest reflection and self-criticism, which culminated in this sentence: “Last season we won a few times and we didn’t know why.”

And here is, undoubtedly, the origin of many of Zaragoza’s 2021-22 ills, because there is no shortage within a club that believed – and still believes – that last season there was a team for much more than fighting agonizingly in order to avoid relegation. And those same people believe – or believed even a few days ago – that this year there was a team to fight for the “playoff” practically without getting off the bus, as I said Helenio Herrera.

But things have gone wrong, as they have gone wrong since the beginning of last year, and the sporting director’s victory TorricillaWhen he talked about “being in the ointment”, JIM now has to manage it in the face of the harsh reality of football. Continuing to appeal to misfortune was to compel the diocese of Zaragoza, which suffers from faith, into an act of faith that no one would be willing to buy, no matter how insistent they were.

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There are a lot of leagues left and there is plenty of time to react and get out of the rankings well, but the first thing was to admit that the attackers’ incompetence has no one to hide.