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The second symposium on mortuary and mortuary sciences was held

The second symposium on mortuary and mortuary sciences was held

Zacatecas. With great student participation, the Second Symposium on Mortuary and Mortuary Sciences was held yesterday, an event organized by the Health Sciences District of the UAZ and the Quindio University of Colombia.

In the symposium, the mode of development of which was virtual, it involved specialists from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and the United States, from institutions such as UAZ, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Central University of Ecuador and the Universidad Quindio de Colombia, among others.

Among the participating speakers was the coordinator of the field of health sciences, Juan Armando Flores de la Torre, who presented the topic “Forensic sciences, mortuary and burial sciences,” where he explained that forensic sciences are linked to other fields of knowledge such as health sciences, humanities, engineering, technology, and the social and administrative field, as reflected in the academic curriculum. Recently accredited Bachelor's Degree in Forensic Sciences at UAZ.

He pointed out that forensic science in our country has witnessed growth and transformation in recent years, so laboratories had to develop and employees were professionalized and trained to maintain an appropriate level of science.

He pointed out that the basic foundation for building criminal investigation is the permanent and continuous training of investigators, in order to update and modify the application of methods and techniques to adapt them to the contemporary era, since, unfortunately, in many cases the crime is a single step. Before the expert investigation.

The symposium was moderated by Hector Rosales Gonzalez, Professor of the Academic Unit of Human Medicine and Health Sciences.

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