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UNA encourages professionals in the chemical sciences

UNA encourages professionals in the chemical sciences

Last Wednesday, October 13, the Pharmacy and Biochemistry Degree Compilation Ceremony was held for the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the National University of Asuncion (FCQ-UNA). It should be noted that out of 84 graduates, 14 graduates were from pharmacology and 70 were from biochemistry.

The event, which took place at the Convention Center on the San Lorenzo campus, corresponds to the 2019 chapter, called “The Transparent Re-negotiation of Itaipu, a National Cause”.

The college’s outstanding graduate is Qatar Foundation. Zaida Elizabeth Portillo Gamara, who gave a speech on behalf of her colleagues to the attendees.

The godmothers of the alumni and alumni are Prof. Dr. María del Carmen Helion de Ibarola, for Pharmacists and Prof. M.Sc. Cecilia Ines Gonzalez Fateoni, godmother of biochemists.

The ceremony was chaired by Prof. Dr. Zuli Vera de Molinas, Dean of the United Nations University. In addition, the table of honor was formed by Professor Lisc. Cynthia Socido de Schopmann, Dean of the FCQ-UNA; The Prof. Dr. Olga Yolanda Maciel of SegoviaAnd Vice Dean and Eng. Quím. Christian Cantreau, Secretary-General of the United Nations Union.

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