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The science student stands out in physical constructivism

The science student stands out in physical constructivism

Editorial / EL VIGA
Mexico City

At the age of twenty and only in his second year of practicing physical constructivism in a formal manner, Jos, son of Romero Gonzalez, a student in the College of Science, competed in the 69th edition of Classic Mr. Mexico, the highest event in its specialty at the national level. For his sports career, it is invaluable experience, which also makes him the main diagnosis that the distance in relation to the best competitors in the whole country is not great.

When I started training, I saw a long way to go to such an event, but fortunately the result is now achieved and we are able to give a good physique. Going up and seeing that the difference was minimal, in terms of the top spots, and that I’m physically on par with the best competitors in the country, fills me with great satisfaction. Being the first Mexican Mister, the bodybuilder from Puma said after the event that he took 14th place in the men’s fitness youth category up to 175 cm, it was a good result.

Together with my trainers, we decided to compete in this category, where fitness is only evaluated from the waist up. Being my first Mr. Mexico, we considered it the most convenient. We knew it was a risk because I’m not used to doing these positions, but we decided on this change, it’s been a month of practicing, adjusting all the details and I’ve always been sure to get a good result, doing whatever it takes.” added Romero Gonzalez, who was supported by UNAM’s Asociación de Fisicoconstructivismo in its final preparation: training, rest and diet prepared by specialists, basic concepts of the routine of compulsory poses, sequence of compulsory poses, free pose and application of paint all over the body for the event.

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ambitious idea
Similarly, physical builder auriazul highlighted the benefits exercise gave him. Sport has given me much better health. A good diet, good rest, and good training, generates good health, exceeding the result on the podium. I feel better while studying, my focus is much better, I feel better at ease, I have a greater ability to problem solve, and that has given me the ability to organize myself academically, athletically and personally. Great results take time, but are very satisfying when achieved.

The 69th Classic Mr. was held. Mxico is at Pepsi Center facilities in Mexico City and is organized by the Mexican Federation of Physical Structure and Fitness, with strict sanitary measures to prevent infection by Covid-19.

After a significant year in his athletic development, in which he competed in at least five events, the College of Science student is taking an active break, with the ambitious goal of becoming an international competitor as quickly as possible.

I will pause a little, but continue training and dieting for greater physical development, growth and better results, always focusing on getting a professional card, which supports you as a world famous bodybuilder. With this you can compete in the biggest events around the world. The university athlete said that I consider myself to have a very strong mind, very focused, very assertive and, above all, fully aware of the physique I will give in each event and the results I achieve.