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The former RBD manager involved in an alleged embezzlement scandal has spoken out on the ‘Soy Rebelde’ tour.

The former RBD manager involved in an alleged embezzlement scandal has spoken out on the ‘Soy Rebelde’ tour.

What a successful and long-awaited return for RBD to the stage with him “I rebelde tour” At the end of 2023, the tour’s profits were involved in a scandal that ended Allegations of potential financial fraud From Guillermo Rosas, former manager of the band.

The rose that He worked with a Mexican band As he returns to the stage, he finds himself at the center of this controversy afterward Rumors about money transfer related Successful concert series In Colombia, the United States, Brazil and Mexico, which witnessed their meeting at the end of 2023.

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It is reported that Rosas, as director, could have done so Manipulating the income generated from the tourwhich led to the emergence of A review To determine whether fraud has actually been committed.

The first response from one of the group members was from actress and singer Dulce Maria, who confirmed that “Like any company there were irregularities, we are in the audits and the irregularities actually came to light from the first audit, not gossip.”.

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Andres Tovar, Maite Perrone’s husband, also pointed out the dispute and noted that there was a “shortage” in the tour’s profits. “There is an audit process underway. They are reviewing the entire internal issue of the round and are also considering talking to the companies involved to look into the issue of resources,” he said. where are they? How much is it?’” Tovar said on the Mexican program “Ventaneando.”

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For this part, Rosas denied all accusations. Describing it as a “smear campaign.”

“By no means, at any time, nor is T6H entertainmentNeither Guillermo Rosas nor any employee of the company illegally transferred or used any type of funds from Soy Rebelde Tour. He also did not participate in any type of embezzlement, as some media suggested,” this is what was stated in the statement of the company responsible for organizing the tour, which was revealed by People magazine.

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“T6H realizes that The artist firm will also conduct audits of companies outside of T6H-Participate in income and tour management. And of course T6H He added, “He will cooperate in the required manner in all these operations.”

Likewise, show that T6H “He only handled less than ten percent (10%) of the tour’s total revenue. “These matters were managed by T6H mainly during the pre-production phase of realizing this project.”

for now, A second audit will be conducted To the company to assess whether there is any fraud or misuse of funds responsible for T6H