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“The Flash”: We explain the post-credits scene

“The Flash”: We explain the post-credits scene

flash“The film about the famous DC Comics superhero. This tape is pleased with the appearance of remembered actors who played important roles characters in the DC Universe.

In addition, “Flash” captivates us The post-credits scene leaves many unknown, because it seems to be a chance encounter between two friends. Here we tell you everything you need to know about this landscape and its meaning in the world DC movie.

What is the post-credits scene in “The Flash”?

in This scene, Barry meets Arthur Curry, As known b Aquaman, in a bar. Curry appears drunk and confused, while Flash explains to him about Batman’s many existence How did he meet them during his time travels.

Then bothAn alien from the Enterprise and Arthur, visibly drunkOr he pretends he doesn’t understand anything and ends up falling into a puddle. Before it drops, hand over to Barry’s Atlantean treasure ring and tells him to buy him more drinks, though he does not get up despite Allen’s attempts to convince him he is drunk.

What does the post-credits scene mean?

in this scene, FifthAndLet’s go to Aquamanwhich is curious, as Barry tells him about his experience traveling in time and The presence of other Batman. However, in the case of Arthur, it remained the same. This may indicate that he will continue to be part of Justice LeagueUnlike other actors whose participation is still not confirmed.

It is important to note that it will be released in December 2023 “Aquaman 2” In theaters, which confirms its continuity in this universe, although the future always holds surprises.

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“The Flash” hit Peruvian theaters June 15, 2023, One day earlier than in the United States and other countries.

How long is “The Flash” movie?

The long-awaited movie, starring Ezra Miller And full of surprises for fans DC Comicsfor a period of dand two hours 35 minutes.

The cast of the new DC movie

  1. – Ezra Miller as Barry Allen / The Flash
  2. Ron Livingston as Henry Allen
  3. Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne / Batman
  4. – Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne / Batman from an alternate universe
  5. – Kiersey Clemons as
  6. Western iris
  7. Michael Shannon as General Zod
  8. – Ante Trouw, deputy commander of General Zod
  9. Sasha Kali as Supergirl
  10. Maribel Verde as Nora Allen

do not miss An exciting adventure of “The Flash” in theaters and immersed in the world of DC superheroes.