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Shakira landed a plane because of a kiss from Pique

Shakira landed a plane because of a kiss from Pique

At what point did it all collapse? South Africa 2010he world Football where he can shine Shakira with him Waka waka songwhich served as the pageant’s anthem, was the same as the one that started in courtingthe lookthe winksthe first caresses of a romantic what looked Steady.

the Colombian singernow who love affairs with the Formula One driverhe British Lewis Hamiltonstarting from 2022 His breakup began with Gerrard Piqueuntil it appears, out of nowhere, because who would have imagined the series after Betrayal Ex Barcelona with Clara SheaThere was a role for that betrayal, a great success to take advantage of the situation.

The truth is 12 years later For the relationship that seemed to embody the relationship between Pure and true lovenow the differences between what can be considered one day perfect matchfashionable, they became Viral note today.

And about that coffee planter declare in a Trial for tax fraudShe narrated various clips of it Story with piquewhich dates back to 2011.

he Al-Bilad newspaperWho was able to see the artist’s statements, she had revealed many of her statements before Spanish courtsand, among many, one stole the reflectors, for surely, with some sigh and longing, he transcends the fact that he now prefers dark hair, Remember when in romantic modeliterally, she went to Spanish, the one a few years older than her, ten years, and when the bills weren’t that important to her.

What did Shakira do for the love of Pique?

in 2011Shakira was 33 and Pique was 23, and they were Starting from the dateand a Scheduling problem It can bring out the more cheesy or infatuated side of a person South Americanto get close to his lover.

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“I remember I was Traveling from Marrakech to Croatia. We were flying over it BarcelonaI asked the pilot if he could Earth briefly Just to kiss Gerrard.”

Today, everything collapsed children alike They will maintain a relationship that ended in separation.